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AUTOMOBILE SHEET CLEANING MACHINE AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY ►►► In the passing years, as automobiles have become mass consumer goods, boosting the rapid development of automobile manufacturing industry and the increasingly fierce market competition environment. As a result, automobile manufacturers raise higher requirements for the quality of automobile parts, especially for the surface quality of automobile body panels, which renders it necessary to strictly control undesirable surface foreign matters. The auto stamping production line consists of multiple presses, automatic equipment (inter-press handling manipulator, loading and unloading mechanism, etc.), and on-line cleaning machine, etc., which are integrated into an automatic stamping production line through automatic bus integration to meet the requirements of high efficiency and high quality production. Therein, on-line cleaning machine is the first equipment in the automatic stamping production line. The purpose is to clean the surface of the sheet before entering the press and ensure that the sheet retains a uniform oil film, thus achieving a good drawing forming effect on the sheet in the first press and reducing the generation of foreign matters. V Brush rollers used in sheet metal cleaning machines for automobiles are divided into: 1. Pinch roll (polyurethane) 2. Brush roller (Hotani, Dupont, Hahl, Toray) 3. Non-woven wringing roller A Plate metal is formed into automobile body panel by drawing, trimming, deburring, punching, shaping and other processes in the stamping production line. To decrease the surface foreign matter defects, a plate cleaning machine should be equipped to clean the surface of the sheet before stamping to remove iron filings, oil stains, glue threads and dust on the sheet to ensure the surface cleanliness and oil film uniformity of the sheet and effectively decrease the surface foreign matter defects after stamping; to ensure the surface cleanliness andoil film uniformity of the sheet, the internal structure of the cleaning machine should be demonstrated and analyzed during the design stage, and a mathematical calculation mode should be built, so as to control cleanliness and uniformity of oil film. Polyurethane pinch roll The polyurethane pinch roll relies on excellent high elasticity and high wear resistance. It is installed in the uncoiling section of the sheet cleaning machine to pinch and convey the sheet, and meanwhile the surface of the sheet will not be scratched, and it can be coated repeatedly to improve the service life of the roll, decrease the cost, facilitate the maintenance of the unit, and greatly enhance the production and management efficiency of the unit. V////// 15 16 /A We are not only a brush roller manufacturer, but more of a service provider of brush roller technology.

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Brush roller is applied to the stamping line of automobile plate ana is an important component of the sheet cleaning unit before stamping. Brush wire, which is planted in the double steel strip process, is wound outside the roller core to clean the dirt on the surface of automobile plate; the brush roller is formed by spirally winding a double steel strip brush in sequence Its advantages are high bristle density, which is different from the weakness of the single iron strip brush and bristle planting technology that it is easy to fall apart and depilate. It is directly welded from point A...

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Benefits to You Instructions for Non-woven Fabrics to Resist Cuts Non-woven fabric wringing roller Characteristics: Long service life, wear resistance, improved fluid control, high coefficient of friction, self-healing, versatility, customizable. Non-woven fabrics have higher cost performance When considering the investment report, we often only consider the cost of one product, so we choose the product with the lowest cost. We believe that this is our best return on investment. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg not the real cost. It can be easily seen that once all factors are...

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Typical Applications Production Site Continuous push-pull pickling line Last rinse section before strip dryer Wringing roller in poaching section Oil removal roller Pinch roll Tensioning roller •Color coating production of steel coil Wringing roller in pretreatment and rinsing sections Deflection roller Tensioning roller Continuous annealing line Wringing roller in degreasing and rinsing sections Wringing roller after water quenching Wringing roller of scrubber Wringing roller of the final rinsing section Oiling roller Deflection roller Tensioning roller Electroplating tin production line...

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C. Hydraulic parts and pneumatic components industry As a result of the upgrading of main engine products, the quality requirements for hydraulic components (hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic valves, hydraulic motors, etc.) and pneumatic components (air valves, cylinders, air source components, etc.) are getting higher and higher. Compared with imported components, the main problem for domestic components is finishing process (tiny burr left after machining). In the production of hydraulic and pneumatic components, developed countries use all sorts of special equipment and...

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Tube brush Flexible Honing brush Flexible honing brush is principally used in hydraulic pressure, cylinder body, engine spare parts, machining, brake hub, etc. It can easily and quickly conduct surface treatment on cylinders, valves and pipes of various shapes and sizes to produce the best surface effect. The metal surface effect treated by the flexible honing brush tool is incomparable to other tools. The whole treatment process includes a complete set of treatment on the geometric arrangement of the object surface to be organized with metallography. The treated surface is completely free...

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D Deburr the automobile wheel hubs After forging and casting, many irregular burrs will be produced in automobile wheel hubs, which are widely distributed. Among them, the burrs and parting lines are the most at the positions of spoke and groove bottom, where there are many cambered surfaces and narrow processing range. It is difficult to polish the wheel hubs by manual polishing, rendering it necessary to polish the wheel hubs with a polishing disc brush and a robot. Brush wire materials of hub polishing brush: abrasive wire, which can be selected from DuPont of USA and Hahl of Germany...

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