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Abrasive Wheel Brush Product Description Abrasive Wheel Brushes widely used for product deburring. It is installed on the electric auxiliary tool for burr removal, and can perform surface treatment on the product to be processed horizontally or vertically. It is mainly used in decarburization, peeling paint, rust removal, decontamination, de-soldering, polishing, deburring and so on. Wire, natural fiber, abrasive wire, nylon wire, etc can be used to make the brush. The commonest Wheel Brushes include Wire Wheel Brushes, Nylon Wheel Brushes and Abrasive wire Wheel Brushes. The abrasive brush closely arranges the filaments together, and then puts them into a specific mold, and uses a steel sheet to form a one-piece brush wheel through a punching machine. When manufacturing the brush roller, a plurality of brush wheels can be connected together and fixed on the roller shaft. In this way, the brush made by this process can achieve the highest brush density. ANHUI UNION BRUSH INDUSTRY CO.,LTD | neroha@industrialbrush.cn

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