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4 Segments Gutter Broom Product Description Our gutter brooms are made in a variety of sizes and filament material. Flat and round wire are all available. 1. Brushing technique uses a unique punch density arrangement, only once pressing; 2. Trait mixed brushing elastic resistance to bending, anti-wear, anti-corrosion, does not damage the road. Thorough cleaning, with a long service life; 3. With high wear-resistant bearing capacity solid support wheels, brush greater stability, greater operating efficiency; 4. Brush can be flexible and adjustable; 5. Brush in the cab on a variety of actions, convenient and flexible, and efficient; 6. Brush has removal operations, with the pavement cross slope gradient, automatic adjustment function; 7. Brush can be used for trucks, skid steer loaders, installation of large tractors, snow shovels, snow roll swap installation and removal quick links institutions. ANHUI UNION BRUSH INDUSTRY CO.,LTD

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