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Yeast drying Added value instead of waste

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Brewer’s yeast Efficient indirect drying When brewing beer, yeast is produced then fed to a holding tank. From there, the as a by-product. This product is usually product is fed to the drum dryer by means Compared to direct drying processes, in- treated as waste. Brewer’s yeast, how- of a pump. As a result of the drum dryer’s direct drying on a drum dryer requires less ever, contains valuable ingredients, such heat treatment process, no further treat- hot air to achieve evaporation. The heat is as amino acids, proteins, and minerals. ment is needed to break down the yeast generated by...

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The ANDRITZ Gouda drum dryer The heart of the process HOLDING TANK MILL SIFTER DRUM DRYER STORAGE STORAGE SILO PACKAGING MACHINE Yeast drying process Detail of a double drum dryer surface, the water in the thin yeast layer scraping and guarantees uniform product The heart of the installation is the ANDRITZ evaporates. When the cylinders have ro- removal. The knife pressure can be con- Gouda double drum dryer. The dryer mainly tated through two-thirds of a revolution, the trolled easily from outside the process area. consists of two cast iron cylinders that are dry, solid matter is scraped...

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ANDRITZ Gouda ANDRITZ Gouda has been implementing complete process solutions for the environmental, chemical, and food industries for over 100 years. As a machine manufacturer as well as process solutions expert, ANDRITZ Gouda is able to handle all of the stages involved in designing and building plants, including engineering, service, installation, and commissioning. ANDRITZ Gouda, as part of the international ANDRITZ GROUP, has several pilot plants available to test new materials, generate design data, and provide representative product samples. The proven calculation model for scaling up...

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