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STARDISC – the vacuum disc filters Filtration unlimited SEPARATION SPECIALIST

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“No solution on the market can match our latest disc filters in terms of sheer scale, or with such high filtration rates. This gives our customers a major boost to their tailings capacity and brine yield, with nearly onethird less downtime.” ANDRITZ SEPARATION APPLICATION MANAGER POTASH With a pair of our STARDISC vacuum disc filters, a solar evaporation plant in South America achieved 135 t/h in additional brine yield and 300,000 t/y in additional production capacity.

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Are you ready to make our stars your heroes? At ANDRITZ SEPARATION, it is our ambition to reach the highest levels of performance and quality. As a strong partner around the globe, we are dedicated to finding the right solution for your separation challenge. And as part of the ANDRITZ GROUP, we can rely on an international network of highly qualified specialists and leverage worldwide synergies to provide you with sophisticated technologies, extensive know-how, and excellent services. Solutions for any challenge Your trusted partner Want to know what’s in it for you? ANDRITZ SEPARATION is the...

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STARDISC – the vacuum disc filters Two stars, one result: Success Do you want to increase yield and product quality? Would you like to combine that with low production costs and minimum environmental impact? The STARDISC product family of vacuum disc filters offers you a highly efficient filter operation to achieve these objectives and gives you a decisive competitive edge. It provides a maximum level of flexibility and is based on proven technologies that you can rely on – day after day. Modular system for highest fl exibility STARDISC unites two vacuum disc filter designs that have made a name...

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PROVEN TECHNOLOGY FLEXIBLE DESIGN RELIABLE OPERATION Your benefits § Tailor-made solutions to fit your process requirements Highest specific throughput while maintaining a small footprint Individual filtrate discharges for the cake building and cake drying zones Fast and easy filter cloth replacement Robust design Quick mounting of filter cells and two-part control discs for minimized mainten

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Flexible design Fits your toughest needs With their multi-tasking capabilities, the STARDISC vacuum disc filters are real all- rounders in the world of separation. The various designs perfectly fit your process conditions and your space requirements. No matter if your needs are focused on maximum yield, best product quality, highest efficiency, or optimum usage of resources, STARDISC makes the difference. Smallest footprint h general, disc filters are the most space-saving solutions in separation. h order to take you to the next level, the STARDISC vacuum disc filters have been engineered...

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Filter discs in different sizes Ultra-thin steel filter segments (also in stainless steel) minimize the required system volume. 20 or 30 filter cells reduce the specific volume and enlarge the cake building zone (less dead zones). ▲ STARDISC: Smaller disc diameters allow for a com- A STARDISC XL: Large disc diameters enable maximum pact trough to avoid the settling of heavy products. throughput at minimum footprint Trough options for optimum slurry A common trough with an agitator for highest solids densities as well as a fluid-optimized, self-agitating single trough are at your disposal. ▲...

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Proven technology Excellent performance for high capacities Several process areas define the filtration process. When the filter disc rotates, the filter segments pass through each process area. The different process areas are controlled and sealed off by the specially designed control head and the corresponding sealing disc. Controlled suspension feeding Reliable cake formation Effi cient demoisturing and cake The suspension is fed continuously into A vacuum is produced in the segment- the trough and flows in the same direc- shaped filter cells, which are covered with As the disc filter rotates,...

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RELIABLE OPERATION Reliable operation Optimum cleaning and easy maintenance The STARDISC product family offers sophisticated features to ensure fast and reliable operation, giving you greater convenience. Effi cient fi lter cloth cleaning Maximum handling comfort Easy fi lter segment service The specially designed filter cloth washing The STARDISC product family provides Thanks to the intelligent quick-mounting device maintains the quality of the weave all essential factors for easy maintenance: system of the filter segments with bayonet at a constant, high level. The cleaning Smart design, easy...

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Expertise in automation Optimized solutions for your convenience With more than 100 sites and over 2,000 employees worldwide, ANDRITZ AUTOMATION is an international competence center for plant design, plant control, and machine control systems. As a one-stop shop, we provide complete automation solutions for machines like the STARDISC vacuum disc filters as well as for their integration into plant layouts. Our products and services have helped operations achieve record start-ups, increase capacity, improve efficiency, and save money. Design drives machine efficiency Intuitive operator design...

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EXPERTISE IN AUTOMATION Safety fi rst Many safety requirements have to be considered, e.g. HAZOP, risk analysis, the European Machinery Directive, or ATEX. For CE conformity, the machine and the control system must be seen as one unit. As a one-stop shop, ANDRITZ SEPARATION can provide you with stateof-the-art safety solutions from a single source. Ready for industry 4.0 (IoT) Simulator-based operator training Thanks to our control system, you are well-prepared for industry 4.0. The latest Operator training and certifi cation PLC hardware and software, Ethernet ANDRITZ SEPARATION offers...

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Test our lab We’re all about finding the optimum solutions for your processes ANDRITZ SEPARATION operates fully equipped test centers in close vicinity to its customers, offering both lab-scale and pilot-scale equipment. Our experienced separation specialists We will provide a complete report recom- can assist you in running long-term trials will advise you in order to determine suit- mending the best solution for your solid/ at your site with equipment from our rental able technologies from our wide port- liquid separation process, including scale- machine pool. What’s your separation folio...

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