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PUREVO - the pharma centrifuge The next generation in separation technology

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“With more than 25 years of experience, ANDRITZ SEPARATION is the global specialist for pharmaceutical solid/liquid separation solutions.” MANAGEMENT ANDRITZ SEPARATION

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Are you ready for a new chapter in your success story? Innovative, customer-oriented thinking is perhaps one of the most significant characteristics of ANDRITZ SEPARATION. As a strong partner around the globe, we are dedicated to finding tomorrow’s solutions today. And as part of the ANDRITZ GROUP, we can rely on an international network of highly qualified specialists and leverage worldwide synergies to provide you with sophisticated technologies, extensive know-how, and excellent services. Solutions for any challenge Your trusted partner Want to know what’s in it for you? ANDRITZ SEPARATION...

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PUREVO – the pharma centrifuge Proven technology meets innovation Are you exposed to tough market conditions? Looking for ways to ensure flexibility in your production and increase your product quality? How would you like to have an extremely high-performance solution at your disposal that can help you achieve these goals and even more? If so, it might be the right time to take a closer look at PUREVO – the pharma peeler centrifuge from ANDRITZ SEPARATION. Fits your toughest needs A history of utmost fl exibility Producing pharmaceuticals is very cost- intensive. Not only because it involves...

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“The PUREVO pharma centrifuge combines proven technology with innovative features that enable our customers to meet their individual process needs.” JOSEF STANNER PRODUCT MANAGER PEELER CENTRIFUGES ANDRITZ SEPARATION RELIABLE PERFORMANCE EASY MAINTENANCE EXPERTISE IN AUTOMATION HYGIENIC DESIGN PUREVO 1250 pharma peeler centrifuge

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Design advantages for your convenience Sophisticated features for high performance Active pharmaceutical ingredients or intermediates are highly valuable and sensitive products. They have to comply with highest quality standards. To continuously guarantee the highest performance levels, the PUREVO pharma peeler centrifuge is equipped with specific features for the pharmaceutical industry. Specifi c pharma design ensures high Fast product change enables optimal High g-forces for faster processing hygienic standards centrifuge utilization Higher g-forces compared to vertical cen- All surfaces...

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HYGIENIC DESIGN Hygienic design Engineered to meet the highest standards More than in any other industry, the two fundamental requirements for successful production of pharmaceuticals are maximizing hygiene and minimizing impurities. By continuously optimizing the hygienic design of our machines, we are constantly setting new standards and developing smart solutions to meet the individual needs and high purity demands of our pharmaceuticals customers. Extremely hygienic and easy-to-clean housing One of the most striking features of the PUREVO pharma centrifuge is its hinged housing. By...

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HYGIENIC DESIGN Process area: Smart features for efficient processing Clear hygienic separation of process § Compliance with highest purity demands Fast and automatic cleaning Less waste, no residues, higher product yield Easy access to all areas The process and drive area of the centri- fuge are kept completely separate for easy All connections are fi tted from the in- installation in clean rooms. The machine side of the process housing and sealed operates with a fully pneumatic/electric with exposed O-rings. The process can drive concept. In order to allow operation be fully inspected...

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Peeling device with covered chute: Reliable discharge as no liquids can fall into the chute Discharge chute: A gradient of 35° ensures safe solids flow Cleaning in place (CIP): Verified cleaning procedure for highest levels of hygiene Feed pipe with feed distributor: Homogeneous product distribution with minimal imbalances Feed control: Process monitoring by contact-free measurement Sight glass with lamp: Visual process observation to optimize process parameters Wash pipe for cake washing: Highest washing efficiency with a minimum of cleaning agents Cleaning in place (CIP) – faster Final...

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Reliable performance Efficient operation The individual cycle times for feeding, washing, dry spinning, and peeling vary, depending on the filtration characteristics, from just a few minutes to several hours. The operating principle is adapted to the prevailing process conditions, which allows easy product change. Process parameters are listed in a recipe that is stored in the centrifuge’s control system. Feeding process without risk of overfilling Cake washing for the highest product purity Dry spinning for a maximum dewatering effect Controlled feeding Effi cient cake washing During the feed...

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Compressed nitrogen for residual heel removal RELIABLE PERFORMANCE Wash liquid Peeling without particle breakage Lateral view inside the PUREVO pharma peeler centrifuge Precise fi lter cake peeling Intelligent nozzle arrangement At the end of each centrifuge cycle, the prevents product deposits filter cake is removed from the basket by Nitrogen is blown in through a patented a pivoting peeling device. To prevent par- nozzle arrangement integrated into the ticle breakage, peeling is conducted at peeling device. The nitrogen buffer pre- reduced basket speed. The product is vents any direct...

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Easy maintenance Little extras that make a big difference Smart design, easy access to the drive and process area of the centrifuge, quick removal of essential parts that need maintenance at regular intervals, and minimized use of tools – all these are essential factors for easy maintenance. Thanks to a range of innovative, well-thought-out maintenance features, the PUREVO pharma peeler centrifuge offers its users maximum handling comfort. Moreover, significantly shorter downtimes for maintenance reasons immediately translate into longer uptimes, higher productivity, and optimized yield....

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