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ANDRITZ Gouda mill sifter Prepare your product for packaging

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Reducing particle size A constant bulk density The bulk density and particle size distri- more than 2 x 2 centimeters, enters the mill The ANDRITZ Gouda mill sifter produces bution are important parameters. These sifter installed further downstream. In the a consistent, narrow particle size distribu- parameters determine the look and feel mill sifter, the flakes are reduced in size by tion (D50). This is how a well-defined and of your product and the filling level of your fast rotating bars beating them through a constant bulk density is achieved ready storage facilities or package....

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Meeting today’s requirements Stainless steel contact parts 80.0 % AVERAGE SAMPLE 1 RECIPE 2 - PARTICLE SIZE DISTRIBUTION SIEVED PRODUCT Different sieve perforations Different sieve types with a wide range of position with a tool-free clamping system. sieve perforations are available in order to All ANDRITZ Gouda mill sifters are fully achieve the desired result. The minimum prepared to comply with the ATEX regu- fineness obtainable with the minimum sieve lations (Zone 20 inside) and supplied with perforation begins at around 500 microns. documentation to obtain the certification in a...

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ANDRITZ Gouda ANDRITZ Gouda has been implementing complete process solutions for the environmental, chemical, and food industries for over 100 years. As a machine manufacturer as well as process solutions expert, ANDRITZ Gouda is able to handle all of the stages involved in designing and building plants, including engineering, service, installation, and commissioning. ANDRITZ Gouda, as part of the international ANDRITZ GROUP, has several pilot plants available to test new materials, generate design data, and provide representative product samples. The proven calculation model for scaling up...

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