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Lattomatic – the automatic milk standardization system Flexibility – accuracy – automation Lattomatic is the automatic milk fat is obtained thanks to the instruments al- operation without stopping the process. standardization system from ANDRITZ lowing continuous fat content control: any The touchscreen panel is user-friendly, Frautech, designed for precise con- changes in feed flow or fat content in the easy to set up, and allows direct control of trol of the fat content in cream com- raw milk are compensated automatically. all operations. Signal exchange and oper- ing from the skimming separator and ating modes (CIP, water, product) can be accurate standardization of milk fat Lattomatic enables accurate dosing of changed easily using the higher-level con- content. Lattomatic guarantees exact cream to the skim milk flow and thus, con- trol system. adjustment of the cream fat content in a tinuous preparation of fat-adjusted milk. range between 30% and 45% fat; in fact, Surplus cream is discharged separately. the system can calculate and regulate the Lattomatic can be used to upgrade milk skimming separators of any size and in- fat content automatically, based on differ- Thanks to the high level of automation, pa- tegrated into existing systems as well as ent parameters. Full control of the process rameter adjustments are possible during

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Lattomatic – the automatic milk standardization system Model Standard scope of supply Optional features Lattomatic skid-mounted with all neces- Inlet feed control sary instruments, valves, and transmitter Automatic skim milk control Extra cream line Control cabinet Operator panel Milk Option: extra cream line Extra cream FT Option: automatic valve CIP feed Surplus cream PT Standardized milk / Skim milk Highest flexibility Full control of the process Maximum accuracy Option: automatic valve Easy to install and operate High level of automation Lattomatic flowchart; the picture on the cover...

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