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ANDRITZ METALS Quality and experience

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ANDRITZ METALS Product overview Strip processing and surface treatment Quality that brings customer satisfaction Competence from a single source Quality that brings global suppliers of complete lines for the customer satisfaction production and further processing of cold- The companies belonging to ANDRITZ Product overview rolled carbon steel, stainless steel, and METALS utilize the synergy effects of the non-ferrous metal strip. These lines con- group to the benefit of their customers and sist of equipment for cold rolling, heat treat- deliver machines and lines of highest qua- ment,...

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Annealing and pickling lines for stainless steel High-capacity production lines from a single source: capacities of up to 1.2 million t/a, processing thicknesses of up to 8 mm for cold-rolled or 14 mm for hot-rolled strip, and strip widths of more than 2,000 mm ANDRITZ METALS’ market leadership in Extract from our reference list stainless steel processing equipment is based on its large offering of advanced an- Acerinox Bahru Stainless, Malaysia nealing and pickling lines for hot-rolled and Aperam Stainless, Belgium cold-rolled strip. Baoji Titanium Industry, Co. Ltd. China The customers of...

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Pickling lines and acid regeneration plants Surface treatment technology combined with acid regeneration for a cleaner environment Carbon steel pickling Stainless steel pickling Mixed acid regeneration In addition to conventional continuous ANDRITZ stainless steel pickling lines have The PYROMARS mixed acid pickling lines, ANDRITZ METALS designs been known worldwide since this process push pickling lines with capacities of up started to be commercialized. One main mature process used in many systems to 1 million t/a, and strip thickness ranges reason lies in specially developed pickling...

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Cold rolling mills with 2, 4, 6, 18 or 20 rolls Innovative technologies and customer-oriented solutions: 20-high rolling mills, high-capacity S6-high rolling mills, and inline/offline skin pass mill stands from ANDRITZ Sundwig Thanks to its unusually broad range of Where 20-high rolling mills are concerned, advantages. The fully automatic roll change cold rolling mills for strip widths from 60 ANDRITZ Sundwig is regarded as the world by robot has substantially shortened to 2,100 mm, ANDRITZ Sundwig has been market leader for innovative technologies. rolling mill set-up times, and even more...

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Both the automotive and construction industries are facing strongly increasing requirements for production quality, quantity, and cost reduction. This means that production lines have to deliver ever higher pro-duct quality, less scrap, and higher production rates, while consumption of resources is to be reduced. ANDRITZ METALS offers the solution. Single-source competence For hot-dip galvanizing lines and continuous annealing lines used in the manufacture of e.g. car body sheets, ANDRITZ METALS also follows the “single-source” concept. The plant components are precisely tuned to each...

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Finishing lines Shear lines for slitting, side trimming, and cut-to-length lines Precision for highest demands in mechanical engineering: coaters, tension levelers, and scale breakers The challenge: precision, flexibility, and economic efficiency. More than 300 plants supplied worldwide are confirmation of ANDRITZ‘s expertise. As a traditional supplier of industrial plants, hot-dip galvanized strip or aluminum strip, cepted this challenge and accelerated de- An installed base comprising over 300 ANDRITZ Sundwig has many years of ex- mainly as protection against corrosion velopment work on...

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Blanking lines, levelers, and stackers Shape control systems Numerous major customers all over the world use equipment from ANDRITZ METALS. Low maintenance requirement with highest measuring accuracy. ANDRITZ METALS offers its customers decades of experience from 700 plants with almost 1,300 shapemeter rolls. Blanking lines are used by car makers major car makers all around the world use As an experienced rolling mill manufactur- and/or their specialized sub-suppliers to these ANDRITZ Sundwig lines. er, ANDRITZ Sundwig has built shape con- cut sheets to different geometrical shapes. trol...

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AWRiTL Metals Punching and metal-forming machines, servopresses Cutting, leveling, stacking: More than 8,000 presses and automatic punching and metal forming machines from ANDRITZ METALS produce reliable, high-grade metal forming and punching products. ► The 150 series modules can be combined to cover a pressing force range of 630 kN to 8,000 kN ANDRITZ Kaiser is known for the highest quality of cold metal forming technology: Its automatic punching, cutting, and forming technology provides extraordinary precision, high productivity, and the accustomed reliability, resulting from many...

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Laser and resistance welding systems No matter what you want to weld, we have the right solution for you, saving weight, reducing CO2 emissions, and increasing your productivity. ANDRITZ Soutec is a leader in the field of Welding means being high-quality welding systems for round and flexible, cost-effective, flat applications. Our more than 130 fully High weld speeds automated systems produce over 160 mil- ANDRITZ Soutec meets the ever increasing 100% penetration and superb weld lion parts per year globally for the automo- requirements of the market by focussing tive industry. Furthermore,...

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AWRiTL Metals Product overview Industrial furnaces Furnace systems for the steel industry Moving ahead with experience and innovation Thermal processing lines for the melting, re-heating, and heat treatment sectors Continuous furnaces Special plant systems Rotary hearth furnace Rotary table furnace Roller hearth furnace Double walking beam furnace Walking hearth furnace Walking beam furnace I Pusher type I furnace Batch-type furnaces Hood-type annealing furnace Heat treatment pit furnace Forging chamber furnace Double Forging chamber furnace Based on its long tradition and experience,...

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