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Continuous sand filter for efficient effluent cleaning

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Sand filtration is a well-known technology for separation of small suspended solids particles in water. The Hydrasand sand filter is an economical solution for continuous cleaning of sand to achieve efficient effluent cleaning. The Hydrasand is a self-washing, cylindro-conical, continuous filter with sand bed without any shutdown for backwash. It is designed for optimum clarification of low-concentration effluent and used as a final stage before discharge or recycling.

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Hydrasand A well-known technology Operating principle Raw influent is fed into the base of the sandfilled, conical-bottom filter. The flow then Feed inlet rises through the sand so that clean effluent Clean water is discharged over the upper weir. The rising flow of the effluent is distributed evenly over the entire cross-section of the filter by means of a radial grating arrangement. The contaminated sand falls continuously to the Filter reject bottom cone outlet from where it is transferred by an external airlift to the wash cham- ber at the top of the unit. Final backwashing Separation...

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Technical data and benefits ▲ Inside sand wash box of stainless steel version Your benefits ■ High filtration efficiency ■ External airlift for better accessibility ■ No possible contamination of clean water by returning sand ■ Efficient final sand rinsing in the ■ Manageable reject stream ■ Minimum maintenance cost ■ Minimum energy requirements ■ No backwash material required Washwater flow: approx. 5% ■ Pre-treatment on membrane filter ■ Paper mill wastewater

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Hydrasand - 7

Local support Responsive local service centers and field service technicians Put our 150 years of OEM experience to work for you With ANDRITZ SEPARATION, you gain access to one of the world’s largest OEM manufacturers for solid/liquid separation systems, including such well-known names as Bird, KHD, Guinard, and more. OEM spare parts Wear and spare parts from OEMs or in OEM quality in local inventories From initial consulting through to service automation, and training programs, we are always looking for ways to minimize downtime and increase predictability in operations while raising your...

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What’s your biggest separation challenge? ANDRITZ SEPARATION is the world’s lead- As the OEM for many of the world’s lead- ing separation specialist with the broadest ing brands, we have the solutions and technology portfolio and more than 2,000 services to transform your business to specialists in 40 countries. For more than 150 years we have been a driving force in the – wherever you are and whatever your evolution of separation solutions and services separation challenge. for industries ranging from environment to food, chemicals, and mining & minerals. Ask your separation specialist...

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