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DCF (Dynamic Cross-flow Filtration) Dynamic membrane filtration for high-efficiency clarification of beverages Every drop counts. In times of rising Exceptional yield thanks to operation Highest quality product due to oval customer demands on taste and in- with substances that have a uniform, housing design ensuring minimum resi- creasing costs of feedstock, mem- highly viscous rheology brane filtration has been established Top performance thanks to unique prin- as the best approach to achieve high- ciple of overlapping and rotating mem- quality clarified beverages. The new ANDRITZ SEPARATION DCF retains every Best taste thanks to closed and self- single drop of the beverage, while reduc- venting design avoiding any oxygen ing costs and environmental impact at the same time: Lowest mechanical stress on product due to minimized process volume pick-up Hanging shaft arrangement eliminates the risk of gases at the membranes and in the permeate dence time Long service life by using ceramic membranes Minimized operation cost thanks to reduced energy consumption Environmentally friendly and without any health hazards for the operator because filtration aids are eliminated and waste streams reduced Very compact and easy to install

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DCF (Dynamic Cross-flow Filtration) Standard design Hanging arrangement of membrane disc stack Full CIP capability and hygienic design Feed bottom, discharge top for easy Ceramic membranes in different pore sizes Mono V-belt drive with standard gearbox Lifting support for easy mounting and replacement of membrane stack Oval housing for minimum dead volume and plug ow characteristics Double jacket for heating or cooling All parts wetted by the product in stainless steel rather than AISI304 emptying Product connections: DIN 11851 EPDM gaskets, single-acting mechani- Options and accessories...

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