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Cold rolling mill technology Carbon steel products

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ANHtiTL Metals ANDRiTL Metals Full-liner for cold rolling mill types IANDRITZ METALS is one of the very few mill technology full-liners, who keeps the state-of-the-art-design competence with enhanced technology for the various mill functions. This allows to produce cold band quality with narrow tolerances. Mills for cold reductionCold rolling mill type Typical mill stand types Production capacity (t/y)1 Strip speed Type (m/min)1 Single-stand reversing mill 4-high, 6-high, (S6-high) 150,000 - 450,000 up to 1,500 Discontinuous Discontinuous tandem mill...

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Over 300 rolling mill references worldwide ANDRITZ METALS provides rolling mills with particular attention to high production-effi­ ciency, tight shape and strip thickness toler­ ances to produce high quality products. (8) ANDRITZ METALS has attached great im­ portance to the mill stand equipment influencing these targets and is permanently improving and re-designing the equip­ ment according to the design concept phi­ losophy of modern cold rolling mills. The ANDRITZ METALS Carbon Steel Cold Mill (ACCoM) design concept is based on a well maintained parametric 3D master model, which is...

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We strive to support customers in extend­ Equipment supply ing the efficiency and value of their equip­ ▪ High/medium and low (PCC) voltage equipment and distribution ment by offering maintenance, repair and modernization packages over the entire ▪ Mill main drive systems plant lifetime. ▪ Auxilliary drive systems ▪ Motor control centers (MCC) Maximize output from your investment ▪ Instrumentation and sensors for pro­ cess and terminal equipment ▪ Improvement of strip thickness accuracy ▪ Level 1 automation systems – PLC, ▪ Improvement of strip flatness ▪ Increase of strip surface quality...

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Technical service and consulting Examples ▪ Production optimization services: Logistic investigation services (studies) ▪ Mill window study - Pass schedule optimization ▪ Optimization of mill drive-train system ▪ Roll crown optimization - Production capacity simulation ▪ Strip quality optimization - Production efficiency study ▪ Study of linked process sections - Handling times optimization ▪ Engineering and start-up services maintenance personnel ANDRITZ Sundwig GmbH 58675 Hemer, Germany Phone: +49 (2372) 540 ANDRITZ (CHINA) Ltd. 200082 Shanghai, P.R. China...

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