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Krauss-Maffei HD/BD helix dryers

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Krauss-Maffei HD/BD helix dryers Table of contents Krauss-Maffei helix dryer, HD Process advantages Krauss-Maffei helix dryer, BD Process advantages Helix dryer, HD/BD mobile Process advantages Process automation Technical data Test centers Company profile Product lines

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Krauss-Maffei HD helix dryer Flexible mixing and drying Crucial requirements in modern plants The Krauss-Maffei helix dryer achieves effi- A variety of different peripheral units, such cient mixing of friable bulk goods by using as an integrated or top-mounted dust filter, pharmaceutical agents are gentle and the helix mixer, a top-driven, central mixer. isolation valves with no dead spots for filling, efficient process control, minimum For processing sticky products, a special discharge and sampling, CIP spraying de- product loss, high flexibility, contami- segmented mixer design is...

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Krauss-Maffei HD helix dryer Process advantages Manhole with integrated filter Central product discharge The Krauss-Maffei HD helix dryer with a segmented helical mixer offers con- The continuous circulating movement within The integrated vapor precipitator reduces dust debris, and the filter is easy to change. Preventing lump formation siderable advantages for gentle prod- the bulk product prevents agglomerates uct handling free of contamination, ball’ effect. Compact design from forming. As a result, there is no ‘snow- vacuum contact drying, complete Drive unit emptying, and fully...

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Krauss-Maffei BD helix dryer In order to make use of the advan- The innovative design replaces the conical tages of the Krauss-Maffei HD helix vessel with a rounded bowl, thus eliminating dryer as well in handling difficult prod- any critical areas with low peripheral ucts, the dryer design has been en- speeds, poor blending, product adhering to hanced in cooperation with renowned discharge can be avoided. As with the stan- Operating principle Vacuum contact drying, mixing, homogenizing the mixer segments, and limited product European pharmaceutical companies. Process data The result - the...

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Krauss-Maffei BD helix dryer Process advantages Fully heatable mixer helix Bowl design Optimum blending Minimum product retention Fast product discharge Areas with poor blending characteristics in on the mixer due to a reduced number of If the product discharge is located off center, the lower part of the vessel are eliminated mixer segments and therefore a reduced the mixer itself assists product discharge. by using an anchor-shaped mixer in the surface area. bowl-design dryer. Its special design allows Less space required Vertical discharge is achieved by positioning for processing of...

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Krauss-Maffei HD/BD mobile helix dryer Mobile mixing and drying Krauss-Maffei helix dryer, HD 160 mobile Krauss-Maffei helix dryer, BD 160 mobile Separation processes require inde- The Krauss-Maffei HD/BD mobile system The special feature of the Krauss-Maffei pendent mechanical and thermal sep- consisting of a stationary peeler centrifuge, HD/BD mobile helix dryer for processing aration devices to achieve the best a mobile vessel, as well as a stationary dry- batches up to 500 l bulk volume is separa- possible product quality. However, a ing and filling station, fulfils all requirements...

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Helix dryer Advantages I Optimum process control by using individual vessels for the different process steps in filtration and drying. I Product handling without contamination and losses The use of special docking systems prevents any contamination of the product or the environment. The product is processed in the vessel only. Any losses due to filling the product into or out of other vessels can thus be avoided. I Less space requirement Filtration, drying and filling are possible in one single clean room. I Full inspection Simple and full inspection of all parts in contact with the product...

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Systems ANDRITZ KMPT develops and delivers all peripheral units that are necessary for operation of Krauss-Maffei helix dryers, such as vacuum, heating, cleaning and solid handling systems, in modular design. The individual modules consist of devices/machines, instruments, sensors and pipework. Engineering costs are reduced and time for installation and commissioning is shortened by avoiding interfaces and due to ANDRITZ KMPT’s decades of experience in finding solutions for mechanical and thermal separation tasks. ANDRITZ KMPT is your single contact for the entire system. Connecting to...

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ANDRITZ KMPT Process automation Perfection in process engineering requires perfection in process automation. Individual adaptation – we can incorporate cation regulations – there are many regula- The superior performance of our process the automation concepts for our machine tions to be met at the plant site. We are equipment is based on perfecting the interface into your existing control system. there to serve as your knowledgeable advi- between equipment hardware, electrical com- sor for the safety of your plant. ponents, electronics, informatics, and process Custom concepts know-how to...

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Krauss-Maffei BD helix dryer Technical data Model Design Diameter Height a Height b Usable volume Heating surfaces Drive *Height with frame Other sizes and lab-scale equipment on request. All technical data are approximate and subject to change without notice.

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ANDRITZ KMPT Test centers Test center in Vierkirchen, Germany Production works in Florence, USA Based on these tests, we will provide equipped test centers in Germany a complete report which will recommend and the USA, offering both bench and the best solution for your solid/liquid sepa- pilot scale equipment. ration process, including scale-up informa- Our experienced engineers will consult with tion for the production equipment. you to determine the equipment most appropriate for your product, then will per- We can also assist in running long-term tri- form the necessary trials to...

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ANDRITZ KMPT Services Refurbished equipment Spare parts Our goal is to provide our customers with fast and reliable service, from the Our service centers are ready to provide you You can reach our skilled and experienced first process consultation throughout with regularly scheduled maintenance or service team around the clock. the entire service life of your ANDRITZ emergency service at your site. Our experts KMPT process equipment. provide assistance including assembly Maintenance contracts To assist our global customer base, we op- work, installation support, commissioning, We offer you...

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