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Air pollution control. Hightech solutions are often based on simple ideas.

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Clean environment for a better tomorrow ANDRITZ Energy & Environment is a leading supplier of innovative air pollution control technologies. Our product range combines 30+ years’ experience with the specic knowledge gained from hundreds of installations around the world. ANDRITZ Energy & Environment is a partner you can rely on. CONTENTS Clean environment for a better tomorrow Air pollution control From single systems to turnkey plants Wet ue gas cleaning systems Product innovations Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Lünen, Germany Working hand in hand with the environment: Air pollution...

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Air pollution control - 3

A product range for all requirements From single systems to turnkey plants Several concepts to choose from depending on the upstream processes and potential pollutants to be ltered out, including tailored solutions for industrial applications. Trbovlje, Slovenia Depending on the upstream combustion of fossil fuels, biomass, waste, or industrial We utilize the Selective Catalytic Reduc- residues, there are different pollutants re- tion (SCR) process technology for the de- quiring special components to filter them nitrification of flue gas – both as high-dust out. The availability of flue gas...

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Air pollution control - 4

Highly efcient processes for low emissions: Wet ue gas cleaning systems Limestone ue gas desulphurization (FGD) are well-proven and cost-effective. They have been in use in power stations since the 1970s. We have innovated a better scrubber design which stands out for its reliability and high availability. Plant economics have also been optimized, ensuring low capital and operating costs. Limestone FGD: a new dimension In international terms, ANDRITZ Energy & Environment’s Limestone FGD sets new standards. At the Neurath power plant (2 x 1100 MW), two of our scrubbers with a diameter of...

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Air pollution control - 5

Product innovations FGDplus: A novel ue gas desulphurization scrubber system that maximizes SO2 and dust removal while keeping energy inputs to a minimum. Bromium-based mercury removal: Simple, proven technology in operation at coal-red power stations and Energy-from-Waste plants. FGDplus: innovative scrubber FGDplus: design characteristics Bromine-based mercury removal Starting with CFD modeling and lab inves- The FGDplus uses a “tracked mass trans- Mercury is a highly toxic heavy metal which tigations, ANDRITZ Energy & Environment fer” concept in the absorber tower to mini- is present in...

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Air pollution control - 6

Effective and compact – one-step solution Dry ue gas cleaning systems Our dry ue gas cleaning systems meet the requirements for complying with the world’s strictest emissions legislation, the desire for low consumption of additives, the need for minimal residues, and the installation simplicity of a compact design. Moerdijk, Netherlands ANDRITZ Energy & Environment’s dry flue The flue gas flows through a turboreactor If needed, activated carbon serves to pro- gas cleaning technologies are based on from the bottom to the top and then en- vide excellent heavy metal and dioxin re- ters a...

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Air pollution control - 7

DeNOx plants Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Technology for power stations, waste incineration, and industrial plants. ANDRITZ Energy & Environment was The location of the DeNOx/SCR system among the first companies in Europe to within the flue gas cleaning process de- successfully employ SCR technology. The pends on the type of fuel involved. Our company now has numerous references in the DeNOx/SCR sector, which encompass tail-end configuration (see block flow diaTail-end DeNOx/SCR with integrated reheating system gram below) has proved to be highly effec- a variety of applications. In...

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Air pollution control - 8

Combined ue gas cleaning systems Multi-stage ue gas cleaning Compliance with nearly zero emissions, and low additive consumption or minimal residue requirements – ANDRITZ Energy & Environment has the competence to combine and optimize systems for special requirements. Current legislation regarding waste disposal and emissions levels required state-ofthe-art flue gas cleaning systems. Selective pollutant removal is required, which not only aims to achieve minimum emissions in tandem with low operating costs, but also enables the recovery of recyclable by-products and a linked reduction in...

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Air pollution control - 9

One-stop shopping Overall plant competence – turnkey solutions ANDRITZ Energy & Environment offers equipment, systems, and turnkey solutions to meet the most demanding requirements for quality, efciency, reliability, and sustainability. Our experience allows you to take advantage of integrated, customized solutions and expertise from a single source. Based on 30+ years of experience in air pollution control, it is one of ANDRITZ Energy & Environment’s core competences to provide turnkey installations of flue gas cleaning plants. These installations can be for new or retrofit situations. The...

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Air pollution control - 10

Tušimice, Czech Republic: old and new Looking ahead Research & Development Our lifeblood is a strong, on-going R&D program. We use state-of-the-art engineering and realization tools to nd new and improved environmental processes for today, tomorrow, and longer into the future. We have excellent R&D facilities for con- variety of CO2 solvents and testing a range carbonate looping technology we are em- tinuous optimization of our processes and of absorption systems in our pilot facilities bedded in an international team of partners products. A corporate laboratory with ex- (one at a hard...

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Air pollution control - 11

Neurath F/G, Germany Wet Limestone FGD Karlsruhe, Germany Wet Limestone FGD Rybnik, Poland Wet Limestone FGD Tusimice II, Czech Republic Wet Limestone FGD Moerdijk, Netherlands FGC (TURBOSORP) and SCR Customer: RWE Power Capacity: 2 x 1,100 MWel, 2 x 4,850,000 m3/h [stp, wet] Fuel: Lignite Start-up: 2011 Customer: EnBW Capacity: 910 MWel, 2,500,000 m3/h [stp, wet] Fuel: Hard coal Start-up: 2011 Customer: Elektrownia Rybnik Capacity: 4 x 200 MWel, 2 x 1,320,000 m3/h [stp, wet] Fuel: Hard coal Start-up: 2008 Customer: CEZ Capacity: 4 x 200 MWel , 2 x 1,780,000 m3/h [stp, wet] Fuel: Lignite...

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