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WIRELESS SENSORING SYSTEMS WIRELESS SENSORING SYSTEMS Request additional catalogues from www.amf.de Hydraulic Cl amping Systems Vacuum cl amping systems Magnetic cl amping systems WIRELESS SENSORING SYSTEMS SINGLE AND MULTIPLE CLAMPING SYSTEMS STANDARD CLAMPING SYSTEMS Marking and Cleaning Tools Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG Waiblinger Straße 116 ∙ D-70734 Fellbach Phone: +49 711 5766-0 Fa x: +49 711 575725 E-mail: amf@amf.de Web: www.amf.de All sales are subject to our terms of sale, delivery, and payment. All rights for design, photographs and texts reserved by the publisher, AMF. No photomechanical reproduction without our express permission. 2020/21/18EN > WB 2.//09/2019 > Printed in Germany

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Terms of sale, delivery and payment OUR COMPANY HISTORY 1890 Company founded as a lock manufacturer by Andreas Maier. 1920 Product range extended to include spanners. 1928 Production line assembly of FELLBACH LOCKS. WE GENERATE EXCITEMENT. Since the foundation of the company in 1890 until today the 1951 Introduces clamping elements and diversifies into workpiece and tool clamping technology. 1965 Toggle clamps extend the AMF product range, AMF catalogues are now printed in ten languages. goal has remained the same: the highest quality in products 1975 Further specialisation into hydraulic...

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Functional principle of the Wireless sensoring systems Wireless sensoring systems  3

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AMF Wireless sensoring systems – wireless communication technology for your production Data query in a production environment is the basis for process reliability. However, it is not always easy to wire fixtures and to manage the data from the engine room. The AMF Wireless sensoring systems establish wireless communication here. Different states of sensors connected directly to a Sender-Unit can be detected here. This transmits the signal wirelessly to the gateway by means of Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0. The signals are received and displayed here. sensoring systems

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The hydraulic clamping fixture is provided with t wo queries. The workpiece location pad is queried via a microswitch A with a connected Sender-Unit. The wireless pressure switch B monitors the pressure of the clamping fixture hydraulic clamping circuit. The gateway can simply be at tached to a top-hat rail in the electrical box and connected to the machine control. The antenna of the gateway can be placed outside the electrical box and positioned near the Sender-Unit by using the antenna extension with magnetic base. Subject to technical alterations.

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Integrated support control by built-in microswitches in the fixture. Once the workpiece is mounted, the release is transmitted wirelessly to the gateway and machine control via the Sender-Unit. 1 With the reed switch the position of the cylinder piston is scanned in the 2 clamping element and transmitted by the connected Sender-Unit wirelessly to the gateway.

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AVAILAHt SENDER UNITS HOME WOSCflfFN CONFIGURATION HfLr 02 SWING CL AMP 2 Balfery vollagr. 3 J3 V la*I Clung*: 3 13 Software r«Mi: Wf ' 8 Uumbur ot transmitted Slgaal strengtit: 69 i Hydraulic pressure monitoring by means of the integrated wireless pressure switch. This performs an opening check of the zero point clamping station. 4 A WLAN router can be connected optionally to access the web-based user interface of the gateway via a tablet to ensure easier commissioning. Subject to technical alterations. ANDREAS MAIER GmbH & Co. KG jffljhone: +49 711 5766-0 • Web: www.amf.de

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MILLING / TURNING APPLICATIONS NO BOTHERSOME CABLES AND MORE FLEXIBILITY In the milling and turning process, cables are often in the way due to the changing positioning of the rotary table or do not offer the necessary flexibility in order to follow the movements of the fixture. By using the AMF Wireless sensoring systems, the workpiece support can be queried easily and with process reliability and without laboriously laying cables. Sender-Units with mechanical microswitches can be mounted directly on the fixture and detect the position of the workpiece. sensoring systems

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EXTERNAL SETUP PROCESS-RELIABILITY WITH THE AMF WIRELESS SENSORING SYSTEMS Extremely heavy and bulky components are ideally set up externally and then clamped in the processing machine. The early detection of incorrect component support or stress saves a great deal of setup time. This query can already be carried out at the set-up station and not already in the machine by means of radio transmission. Subject to technical alterations.

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SETUP OF SHUTTLE TABLES EASY CHECKING OF WORKPIECE AND FIXTURE A shuttle table offers the advantage of setting up the next job beforehand during the processing of a component and then changing the table directly in the engine room. The laying of a cable due to changing the tables means additional setup work. The built-in Wireless sensoring systems on the fixture makes it easier for the employee to check the correct workpiece location pad and position during the manual setup and subsequent processing. Highly accurate microswitches can be used to quer y whether a workpiece is clamped on the...

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UP TO EIGHT SIGNALS ARE PROCESSED BY THE GATEWAY Visually displayed on the gateway: > output switched > battery warning > sensor out of range You decide how the signal should be processed. Direct (electrician) External control (PLC programmer) Machine control NC control (machine programmer) PLC controL (machine manufacturer) You decide how the signal should be displayed or processed – here are a few practical examples Lamp simply on/off Lamp with logic Message on external display Machine start release User-defined stop Message on control display Subject to technical alterations. Wireless...

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Wireless pressure switch Sender-Unit longlife Subject to technical alterations.

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Amp® Gateway Application: The gateway is a receiver for the incoming radio signals of a transmitter (Sender-Unit). The signal from the gateway is monitored and visualised and can be transmitted via potential-free relay outputs. We recommend installing the gateway inside an electrical box and positioning the antenna near the Sender-Unit, from the electrical box, using an antenna extension cable (No. 5030ZA). The Sender-Unit is assigned explicitly to an output of the gateway. A pairing stick (No. 5030ZP) is required for the procedure. The Sender-Unit can optionally be paired (assigned) with...

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