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Marking and cleaning tools Marking and cleaning tools Request additional catalogues from Magnetic cl amping systems Hydraulic cl amping systems „Zero-Point“ cl amping system Modul ar fix ture systems Vacuum cl amping systems Standard cl amping elements Hand tools Marking and cleaning tools Pallet feed systems LOCKS FOR GATES AND DOORS Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG Waiblinger Straße 116 ∙ D-70734 Fellbach Phone: +49 711 5766-0 Fa x: +49 711 575725 E-mail: Web: All sales are subject to our terms of sale, delivery, and payment. All rights for design, photographs and texts reserved by the publisher, AMF. No photomechanical reproduction without our express permission. 2017/15EN > WB 3.//04/2019 > Printed in Germany.

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Terms of Sale, Delivery and Payment OUR COMPANY HISTORY 1890 Company founded as a lock manufacturer by Andreas Maier. 1920 Product range extended to include spanners. 1928 Production line assembly of FELLBACH LOCKS. WE GENERATE EXCITEMENT. Since the foundation of the company in 1890 until today the 1951 Introduces clamping elements and diversifies into workpiece and tool clamping technology. 1965 Toggle clamps extend the AMF product range, AMF catalogues are now printed in ten languages. goal has remained the same: the highest quality in products 1975 Further specialisation into hydraulic...

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For an overview in numerical / alphabetical order, see catalogue page 28 The most important thing about “AMF marking tools“ AMF-Cleaner, Clean-Case AMF-Cleaner, Ball and STICK design Subject to technical alterations.

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AMF marking tools – and your machine will mark economically The AMF-Writers and AMF-Marker are tools for the this tool can provide an even and high-quality marking permanent marking of workpieces. They are preferably without height adjustment by the spindle, for smooth and clamped in collets and Weldon chucks and mounted in the rough surfaces that can be uneven by between 3 and 9 mm. machine spindle of a CNC machine. The adaptation to different materials, material hardness and implementation of different marking depths is infinitely Marking is accomplished through a combination of material...

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AMF marking tools – and the perfect needle! The heart of the AMF marking tools and the guarantee for a perfect written type face is the elaborately produced needle. This permits marking through a combination of material compression and displacement, which we call “drumming“. That means, the marking is generated by the rounded point, which we also call a “ball“. The optimal radius of these “balls“ varies, depending on the material to be labelled, the breadth and depth of the lines and print size. Therefore, AMF carries several designs of the needle in order to ensure the best marking...

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Choosing the marking tool – how do I find the right tool for my application? Tendentious material allocation of AMF-Marker: Kräftediagramm - AMF-Marker Pressing force (N) for a machine spindle infeed of -1 mm Andrückkraft (N) bei einer Zustellung der Maschinenspindel von -1 mm cast steel Extra Large Extra Large alloyed/ hardened steel Large Large Medium mit verstärkter spring Medium with stronger Feder Medium Medium Small Small Slimline Slimline Einstellung des Stellrings oder der Stellschraube (in mm) Adjustment of the adjusting ring or adjusting screw (in mm) Choosing the marking needle –...

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Are you producing yet or still labelling? The calculation is quite simple! Through use of the AMF marking tools, you demonstrably reduce your marking time in the machining centre by over 75%. You avoid long times for marking, and your machine can already work on the next job - so you save money. Take the time and simply calculate your savings potential with the AMF marking tool. Sample customer calcul ation before and after use of the AMF marking tool: Procedure Conventional marking process Marking with the AMF marking tool Number of markings per shif t (8 hr) Time per marking procedure (in...

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Ampd> AMF Marker Extra Large Note: Centric marking needles: 550468: radius    0.5    mm,    eccentricity 0.0    mm,    minimum character size: legible from approx. 2    mm 550469: radius    1.0    mm,    eccentricity 0.0    mm,    minimum character size: legible from approx. 4    mm Eccentric marking needles: 550470: radius    1.0    mm,    eccentricity 0.1    mm,    minimum character size: legible from approx. 5    mm 550471: radius    1.0    mm,    eccentricity 0.2    mm,    minimum character size: legible from approx. 6    mm 550472: radius    1.0    mm,    eccentricity...

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Amp(i> AMF Marker Large Note: Centric marking needles: 550473: radius 0.5 mm, eccentricity 0.0 mm, minimum character size: legible from approx. 2 mm 550474: radius 1.0 mm, eccentricity 0.0 mm, minimum character size: legible from approx. 4 mm Eccentric marking needles: 550475: radius 1.0    mm,    eccentricity 0.1 mm, minimum    character size: legible from approx.    5 mm 550476: radius 1.0    mm,    eccentricity 0.2 mm, minimum    character size: legible from approx.    6 mm 550477: radius 1.0    mm,    eccentricity 0.3 mm, minimum    character size: legible from approx.    7 mm Subject...

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