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magnetic clamping systems magnetic clamping systems Request additional catalogues from Cassette buffer magazine HYDRAULIC CL AMPING SYSTEM „Zero-Point“ clamping system Clamping and fix ture systems Toggle cl amps, manual and pneumatic Vacuum clamping technology Mechanical cl amping elements CLAMPING. SCREWING. LOCKING. CLAMPING. SCREWING. LOCKING. Andre as Maier GmbH & Co. KG Waiblinger Straße 116 ∙ D-70734 Fellbach Postfach 1760 ∙ D-70707 Fellbach Phone: +49 711 5766-0 Fa x: +49 711 575725 E-mail: Internet: All sales are subject to our terms of sale, delivery, and payment. All rights for design, photographs and texts reserved by the publisher, AMF. No photomechanical reproduction without our express permission. EN > EW 2.//02/2015 > Printed in Germany

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Company history 1890 Company founded as a lock manufacturer by Andreas Maier. 1920 Product range extended to include spanners. 1928 Production line assembly of „Fellbach locks“. 1951 introduces clamping elements and diversifies into A MF workpiece and tool clamping technology. We generate excitement On your mobile device too The “Clamping technology APP” offers you an overview of AMF’s exciting clamping product range. No matter whether mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic or magnetic clamping technology, as well as vacuum and zero point clamping systems - all the products are presented in...

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Functional principle, advantages and performance features of AMF magnetic clamping technology MAGNETIC CLAMPING PLATES FOR MILLING Control unit and hand-held controller Pole extensions Magnetic clamping systems  3

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AMF magnetic clamping technology high-performance and safety Electromagnetic clamping systems were frequently The square pole plates can be used in a targeted way connected with insecurity, unreliability, overheating or – externally to magnetise workpieces or internally to also a high need for maintenance. These disturbing separate the magnetic flow from the workpieces again. characteristics are now a thing of the past. The innovative Activation or deactivation takes place in a fraction of electro-permanent technology of the AMF magnetic a second. Moreover, a neutral crown allows complete...

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A gripping solution – innovative and economical. The gripping connection of multifaceted advantages. Based on the electro-permanent magnetism, the magnetic clamping plates from AMF impress with their high performance, safety, flexibility and efficiency. Holding force Handling is convenient and fast; the range of uses for machine tools is unlimited. Even installation of the system is very simple, so that results show up very fast in application. And they contribute accordingly to fast payback of the investment. For optimisation of processes, improvement of the quality of results and...

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The ABCs and FAQs of magnetic clamping technology. > WORKING TEMPERATURE: Up to this temperature, a magnet can be used without irreversible magnetisation losses. At this temperature, magnetic materials lose their magnetisation irreversibly. All materials that exhibit magnetisation after application of an external magnetic field. > MAGNETIC FIELD STRENGTH (A/m): Amperes per meter (1A/m = 0.01256 oersted) > MAGNETIC FLUX DENSITY (Induction): The change in a material that is induced by an applied magnetic field. Symbol: B / unit: T Unit of magnetic induction 1 T = 10 4 Gauß Outdated unit of...

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DO MAGNETIC FIELDS PRESENT ANY HAZARDS? Magnetic field height 0 to 100 mm: In this area, cardiac pacemakers, wristwatches and bank cards may be damaged. At magnetic field height 100 mm and greater there is no longer any health risk. Caution! Do not put any workpieces on while the magnet is actively clamped. – risk of injury! UP TO HOW MANY DEGREES CELSIUS CAN MAGNETIC TABLES BE USED? The magnetic tables can be used at operating temperatures up to 100°C. The neodymium magnet is guaranteed for a maximum temperature of 100°C (this refers to the temperature in contact with the surface of the...

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Free surfaces and even clamping ideal conditions for the most varied of application areas. No matter how different the requirements are - AMF magnetic clamping plates distinguish themselves through constantly strong performance. Heavy-duty machining with vertical or horizontal positioning can be performed just as successfully as high-speed cutting (HSC). The versatility of the system shows itself in the wide array of application options: the system is outstandingly suitable for bench type, gantry or fixed table milling machines, on machining centres, on pallets and cube tooling. Moreover,...

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Magnetic clamping technology in use Subject to technical alterations. Magnetic clamping systems  9

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Magnetic clamping plate for milling No. 2950-50 Magnetic clamping plate for milling Premium Line Force / pole = 4 kN Pole size Number of poles Holding force, max. Weight [St] 24 Magnetic chuck with square pole technology in monoblock design and very strong holding forces. For positioning, clamping and machining magnetisable materials. In conjunction with pole extensions also particularly suitable for the 5-sided machining of workpieces. Magnetic chuck with metallic surface. This special and high-quality design enables the strongest holding forces to be reached in magnetic clamping...

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Control unit and Hand-held controller No. 2970SG-10 Control unit for a magnetic chuck Control unit for a magnetic chuck. The control device has three control buttons: 1 x magnetisation (MAG) 1 x demagnetisation (DEMAG) 1 x release To start the magnetisation or demagnetisation cycle, the following button combinations must be pressed simultaneously: - Magnetisation = MAG + Release - Demagnetisation = DEMAG + Release The connection cable and control lead have a length of 3 metres each. The connection cable has a plug for 400V / 32A and is preassembled ready for connection. The highquality...

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Control unit without channel selection No. 2970SG-20 Control unit without channel selection 400V / 32A Number of magnetic clamping plates to control Control unit with hand-held controller for the simultaneous activation of 2, 3 or 4 magnetic chucks. The hand-held controller has three function buttons: 1 x magnetisation (MAG) 1 x demagnetisation (DEMAG) 1 x release To start the magnetisation or demagnetisation cycle, the following button combinations must be pressed simultaneously: - Magnetisation = MAG + Release - Demagnetisation = DEMAG + Release The connection cable and control lead have...

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