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Request additional catalogues from www.amf.de Hydraulic cl amping systems Vacuum cl amping systems Magnetic cl amping systems WIRELESS SENSORING SYSTEMS STANDARD CLAMPING SYSTEMS Hydraulic clamping systems TOGGLE CLAMPS SINGLE AND MULTIPLE CLAMPING SYSTEMS CATALOGUE 2019/2020 Hydraulic cl amping systems Hydraulic clamping systems Marking and Cleaning Tools Andre as Maier GmbH & Co. KG Waiblinger Straße 116 ∙ D-70734 Fellbach Phone: +49 711 5766-0 Fa x: +49 711 575725 E-mail: amf@amf.de Web: www.amf.de All sales are subject to our terms of sale, delivery, and payment. All rights for design, photographs and texts reserved by the publisher, AMF. No photomechanical reproduction without our express permission. 2019/2020/6EN > MG 4.//08/2018 > Printed in Germany

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Terms of Sale, Delivery and Payment OUR COMPANY HISTORY 1890 Company founded as a lock manufacturer by Andreas Maier. 1920 Product range extended to include spanners. 1928 Production line assembly of FELLBACH LOCKS. WE GENERATE EXCITEMENT. Since the foundation of the company in 1890 until today the 1951 Introduces clamping elements and diversifies into workpiece and tool clamping technology. 1965 Toggle clamps extend the AMF product range, AMF catalogues are now printed in ten languages. goal has remained the same: the highest quality in products 1975 Further specialisation into hydraulic...

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For an overview in numerical / alphabetical order, see catalouge pages 324 - 329 Pressure generators Hollow rod and built-in cylinders Threaded and block cylinders Push-pull cylinders, Swing clamps Vertical and link clamps, toggle joint clamp Bore clamps, pull down clamping elements, Centring clamps support elements, compensating elements Low-pressure clamping technology Valves, pressure switches, rotary couplings and accessories tool clamping for presses

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Swing Clamp Arm, standard No. 6951, page 112 New sizes! ! NEW Swing clamp, plug-in mounting No. 6952CP, page 104 ! NEW Vertical clamp with linear stroke No. 6958C, page 144 No. 6943C, page 220 ! NEW Mounting tool No. 6958C-110--XX, page 146 ! NEW Swing clamp, top-flange-mounting No. 6941KP, page 210 Clamping arm, blank No. 6958CR-XX-04, page 146 clamping systems

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Support Element, top-flange-mounting No. 6944KH, page 226 New sizes! ! NEW Swing clamp, cartridge flange, precision design Support Element, cartridge flange Bore clamps, hydraulic No. 6970CD, page 170-173 ! NEW ! NEW Diverter plate No. 6906-20-33, page 17 Delay valves No. 6918-100, page 240 No. 6918-110, page 241

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Amp© important and interesting facts Subject to technical alterations. 6 HYDRAULIC CLAMPING SYSTEMS ANDREAS MAIER GmbH & Co. KG • Phone: +49 711 5766-196 • Web: www.amf.de

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Amp© important and interesting facts The units used in this catalogue for physical quantities are in accordance with DIN 1301. technical EQUATiONS: Clamping force: F (N) = 10 x A (cm2) x p (bar) Required °perating    0,1 x F (N) pressure:    p (bar) =    A (cm2) Oil volume per cylinder:    V (cm3) = 0,1 x A (cm2) x stroke (mm) Clamping time:    t (s) clamping force of bolts: For hydraulic clamping, the fatigue strength of the bolts is considered to obtain a high number of strokes. The testing force or yield strength must only be utilized for low numbers of strokes. Clamping bolts NOMINAL...

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Ampd> important and interesting facts Pressure:    MPa    bar    PSI MPa = Megapascal PSI = Ib/sq. inch Temperature:    K    °C    °F K = Kelvin °C = degree Celsius °F = degree Fahrenheit Length:    mm    inch ALL INSTALLATION DRAWINGS IN THIS CATALOGUE ARE IN FIRST-ANGLE PROJECTION (DIN)! Location of other views in relation to front elevation, V: Subject to technical alterations. 8 HYDRAULIC CLAMPING SYSTEMS ANDREAS MAIER GmbH & Co. KG • Phone: +49 711 5766-196 • Web: www.amf.de

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PRESSURE GENERATORS: THE OPTIMAL SOLUTION FOR ANY APPLICATION! > easy to use > ready for connection > ready for operation > variety of options > compact design > single and double-acting variants > modular design of pump > various valve combinations > available with and without electric controller > external control optional > continuous pressure control by adjustment spindle > valves in the de-energised condition in locked position > ecological operation > electric motors conform to efficiency classes of 2017 > 1 clamping circuit > no pressure adjustment > 1 clamping circuit > automatic...

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Ampd> Screw Pump No. 6901 Screw Pump block version and built-in version, max. operating pressure 350 bar. Clamping pressure in relation to torque: Torque [Nm] Design: Housing from steel, hardened and burnished. Threaded spindle hardened and burnished. Screw pump no. 6901-20 is supplied with 2 grooved nuts. Oil supply via threaded port. Application: The screw pump is particularily suitable to operate small clamping fixtures. Note: For an enclosed circuit the following has to be considered: The hydraulic clamping elements connected to the screw pump have to be hermetically tight. Due to...

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Amp(i> Hand Pump No. 6902 Hand Pump max. operating pressure 1st stage 50 bar, max. operating pressure 2nd stage 700 bar. Amp(i> Hand Pump Design: Lightweight two-speed hand-pump. Low hand force required at max. operating pressure. Pump housing from malleable cast iron, oil reservoir from aluminium. With pressure relief valve, factory set at max. pressure of 700 bar. Hand pump complete with oil fill. Oil supply via threaded port. Application: Typical applications for the hand-pump are e.g. small clamping fixtures with irregular use, testing fixtures or for repair jobs. Please note, in case...

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