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Modular Solutions for Microspectroscopy Adding analytical dimension to microscopy images Including the new Kymera platform

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Key Applications Micro-Raman (stimulated, SERS, TERS) Micro-Photoluminescence / Fluorescence Dark-field scattering spectroscopy Single Molecule spectroscopy Spectrally-resolved microfluidics Semiconductors / Graphene / carbon nanotubes study Bio-sample screening - e.g. cancer tissues Features and Benefits High sensitivity detectors Ultra-sensitive CCD, ICCD, EMCCD and sCMOS cameras for maximum photon detection and speed. Ideal for fast and photon starved chemical mapping or microfluidics setups. Highly configurable spectrograph platforms Extensive range of multi-input and output, motorized...

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Fiber-optic coupling Direct C-mount Enclosed optical relay Detector CCD, EMCCD, ICCD, InGaAs Microscope Inverted side port or upright port Open cage system Software Solis, SDK, ^Manager Direct coupling Male C-mount Lowest Side, upright* Cage system** Male C-mount or free space Cage adapter User User configuration- configuration- Side, upright* dependant dependant (*) Custom positioning setup required, e.g. elevated support structure. (**) Fixed configuration enclosed optical relay are also available on request.

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Research-grade spectrographs Highly modular motorized platforms with dual output ports, dual/triple/quadruple grating turrets and a wide range of motorized and field-upgradable accessories. Shamrock 500i High resolution modular spectrograph Shamrock 750 Highest resolution modular spectrograph Kymera 328i NEW Intelligent and multimodal ‘workhorse’ spectroscopy platform Shamrock 163 Compact manual benchtop spectrograph Kymera 193i NEW Intelligent, modular and compact imaging spectrograph Find out more at andor.com/spectrographs Kymera 328i - Intelligent and multi-modal spectroscopy platform...

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Wide Aperture Slit - Combining sample imaging and spectral analysis through the same optical path. ‘Infinity-corrected’ microscope ports exhibit a quasi-collimated output beam with F/number typically greater than F/20. When this beam is relayed at the entrance slit of an ‘imaging-corrected’ spectrograph through direct coupling or low magnification optical arrangement, high fidelity images of the sample under the microscope objective can be acquired. Step 1: Sample image visualization • Spectrograph input slits are opened widely • Grating (or flat mirror) is positioned at the ‘zero’ order,...

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Market-leading detectors Best matching requirements for sensitivity at wavelengths of interest, acquisition speed and time-resolution. 100 ‘Low-dark current deepdepletion’ (LDC-DD) CCD Broadband ‘Dual AR’ (BEX2-DD) and UV-VIS CCDs High sensitivity and high speed EMCCDs iDus InGaAs SWIR Spectroscopy with hassle-free TE-cooling Find out more at andor.com/cameras Zyla sCMOS Ultrafast acquisitions up to 27,000 sps, high sensitivity and high dynamic range iStar ICCD ns-gated ICCD detector for fast transient phen

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Microspectroscopy Gatefold - 7

A 64-bit enabled application for Windows (7, 8, 8.1 and 10) offering rich functionality for data acquisition and processing, as well as simultaneous control of Andor cameras, spectrographs and motorized accessories. A software development kit that allows control of Andor detection systems from your own application. Compatible as 32 and 64 bit libraries for Windows (7, 8, 8.1 and 10). Linux ^Manager Integrated microspectroscopy setup software control with seamless access to all market leading motorized microscope and accessories. Integrated sequence builder and macro interfaces for...

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Microspectroscopy Gatefold - 8

Customer Support Andor products are regularly used in critical applications and we can provide a variety of customer support services to maximize the return on your investment and ensure that your product continues to operate at its optimum performance. Andor has customer support teams located across North America, Asia and Europe, allowing us to provide local technical assistance and advice. Requests for support can be made at any time by contacting our technical support team at andor.com/support. Andor offers a variety of support under the following format: • On-site product specialists...

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