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MicroPoint - 1

Laser Illumination & Ablation ANDOR an Oxford Instruments company • Simultaneous laser delivery, viewing and acquisition • Low maintenance fibre optic delivery maintains alignment • Quick set-up with manual beam positioning or automatic pattern generation • User control of ablation and illumination plane provided by z-axis telescope • Precise control of energy provided by motorized variable attenuator slide MicroPoint Laser Illumination & Ablation. MicroPoint provides a flexible and field-proven tool for photo-stimulation. Supplied with a patented compact, pulsed nitrogen pumped tuneable dye laser, it is capable of ablation, bleaching and uncaging over a wavelength range of 365 to 656 nm. Broad wavelength range and energy control allow MicroPoint to be optimized for a wide range of scenarios. More than 20 wavelengths can be utilized with available dye resonator cells, while appropriate dichroic filter sets enable simultaneous imaging and photo-stimulation of the specimen^1. Models • MicroPoint Manual Angular and spatial alignment of the illumination via 2-axis joystick. • MicroPoint Galvo Galvanometer beam steering through PC, enables precise and repeatable illumination

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MicroPoint - 2

Laser Illumination & Ablation ANDOR an Oxford Instruments company Hardware SpecificationsControl Interface Type Manual Galvo Connectivity Additional illumination port options available on request Mechanical / Electrical Illumination port clear aperture Interoperability Compatible with microscopes platforms - point & slit scan confocal, spinning disk confocal & widefield. Custom OEM systems available for High Content Screening and other fluorescence based imaging instrumentation. Compatible with control and acquisition software from market leading microscope manufacturers including...

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MicroPoint - 3

Laser Illumination & Ablation Components The main components of MicroPoint are shown below: Galvanometer drive EPI-illumination flange Motorised attenuator (0 - 3 OD) Fibre input Dye resonator cells - wavelength translation Dichroic mirror

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MicroPoint - 4

Laser Illumination & Ablation ANDOR an Oxford Instruments company Ordering your MicroPoint system Prior to commencing the order process please advise your customer representative of your application requirements. Please also refer to the flow chart on the next page. Step 1. Confirm Microscope make and model Step 2. Choose your control Interface Microscope Make: e.g.Leica, Nikon, Olympus Zeissand model Control Select either Manual or Galvo Interface Step 3. Select the required laser option Laser option The following laser option is available: Pulse Generator / Counter with foot pedal (Manual...

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MicroPoint - 5

Laser Illumination & Ablation Configuring MicroPoint MicroPoint is a highly versatile illumination source, compatible with all leading microscopes and most legacy systems. There are a selection of control interfaces, filter and laser/lamp attachment options. This product tree shows the potential configurations of MicroPoint: Control Interface (Choose one) Pulsed Nitrogen laser system Includes 2M delivery fibre, Microscope specific Interlock & Microscope Epi cube with Eyesafe 505 nm longpass laser filter & alignment tools. Pulsed Nitrogen Laser w/interlock & safety kit Dye Cells & Laser Dye...

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MicroPoint - 6

Laser Illumination & Ablation ANDOR an Oxford Instruments company Product DrawingsDimensions in mm [inches] Shutter Moves 25.4 [1.0] Weight of Head = 1.5 kg [3.0 lb] Software Compatibility - Life Science Applications MicroPoint Computer Controlled systems are compatible with a wide range of life science imaging software as indicated in the table below. Andor iQ Version 2.0 and above

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MicroPoint - 7

Laser Illumination & Ablation Order Today Need more information? At Andor we are committed to finding the correct solution for you. With a dedicated team of technical advisors, we are able to offer you one-to-one guidance and technical support on all Andor products. For a full listing of our regional sales offices, please see: www.andor.com/contact Our regional headquarters are: Europe Japan Belfast, Northern Ireland Tokyo Phone +44 (28) 9023 7126 Phone +81 (3) 6732 8968 Fax +44 (28) 9031 0792 Fax +81 (3) 6732 8939 North America China Concord, MA, USA Beijing Phone +1 (860) 290 9211 Phone...

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