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High-band-pass Echelle spectrograph ANDOR an Oxford Instruments company Features and Benefits • Compact and robust design with no moving components Ideal for non-lab based applications • Simultaneous high resolution and high bandpass Single acquisition covers 775 nm with a resolution power up to 6,000 nm • Patented optical design Ensures maximum resolution and high bandpass with extremely low crosstalk • Auto-temperature correction Corrects for the variation of prisms optical refractive index with temperature • N2 purged Sealed, nitrogen backfilled enclosure minimizes degradation in performance, due to moisture-laden air, especially in the UV region • Pre-aligned detector/spectrograph solution Enables fast, efficient experimental set-up • Low F/number Highly efficent light collection • Wide range of accessories available Including fibre optics, slits, aiming Laser, collector/collimator and calibration lamps • Andor Solis software Automatically extracts a full wavelength calibrated spectrum from a complex echelle image and offers system advanced data manipulation capabilities • Peak labelling with NIST table Easy tagging of known atomic species at the press of a button Simultaneous high bandpass and high resolution Echelle spectrograph Andor’s Mechelle ME5000 spectrograph has been designed to provide simultaneous recording of a wide wavelength range (200 - 975 nm) in one acquisition. It has no moving components and is available in a pre-aligned detector/spectrometer format. Based on the echelle grating principal, its patented optical design provides extremely low crosstalk and maximum resolution compared with other spectrographs. It is designed to operate with Andor’s New iStar DH334T intensified camera^7 and the iKon-M DU934P-yy-9FL camera in applications such as LIBS and plasma studies. Specifications Wavelength range (nm) 200 - 975 Spectral resolution (A/AA) •1 Up to 6,000 (corresponding to 3 pixels FWHM) Wavelength accuracy Better than ± 0.05 nm Channel height (pixels) ^ 5, 3, 1 Channel width (pixels) 1 Optical adjacent order crosstalk * Better than 1 x 10-2 Stray light * Better than 1.5 x 10-4

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High-band-pass Echelle spectrograph Technical Information Resolution Power vs Slit Width Reciprocal Dispersion Reciprocal dispersion equation nm / pixel Mechelle 5000 Spectral Resolution vs ICCD Spatial Resolution Echellogram Example Mechelle Spectral Resolution (λ/fwhm) Multiple grating orders ICCD Spatial Resolution µm 200 nm Echellogram of Deuterium-Tungsten light source acquired with Mechelle 5000 and Andor New iStar IC

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High-band-pass Echelle spectrograph ANDOR an Oxford Instruments company Creating The Optimum Product for You Step 1. Select the Spectrograph model Quote the model number below: Step 3. Select your camera Refer to the camera specification sheets for further information Camera Step 4. Select your software The Mechelle 5000 requires at least one of the following software options: Solis for Spectroscopy A 32-bit and fully 64-bit enabled application for Windows (XP, Vista, 7 and 8) offering rich functionality for data acquisition and processing. AndorBasic provides macro language control...

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High-band-pass Echelle spectrograph Mechanical and Connectivity Information Product Drawings Dimensions in mm [inches] 598.0 23.54 110.7 4.36 Gate monitor socket Mechanical & Electrical Specifications 165.1 mm [6.50 inches] 155.1 mm [6.1 inches] *Optical path height On/Off switch Camera flange mounting Mechelle alone: 10 Kg [22 lbs] With New iStar attached:14.2 kg [31 lbs 4 oz] Camera Connection Dependant on type of camera attached Temperature correction Optional shutter control DDG outputs SMA A B C Arm Direct gate Quick lock water connectors Power Socket Applications Guide Rear view...

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High-band-pass Echelle spectrograph Order Today Need more information? At Andor we are committed to finding the correct solution for you. With a dedicated team of technical advisors, we are able to offer you one-to-one guidance and technical support on all Andor products. For a full listing of our local sales offices, please see: Our regional headquarters are: Europe Japan Belfast, Northern Ireland Tokyo Phone +44 (28) 9023 7126 Phone +81 (3) 6732 8968 Fax +44 (28) 9031 0792 Fax +81 (3) 6732 8939 North America China Connecticut, USA Beijing Phone +1 (860) 290 9211 Phone...

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