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iXon EMCCD - 1

iXon EMCCD Driving the absolute best from EMCCD technology Now featuring SRRF-Stream Super-Resolution Technology

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iXon EMCCD - 2

ANDOR an Oxford Instruments company iXon-The Industry’s Highest Performance Scientific EMCCD Cameras — Andor pioneered the world’s first scientific Electron Multiplying CCD (EMCCD) cameras, shipping the initial cameras back in 2000 and it The fast readout, low noise, and large areas of the iXon cameras allow us to beat the turbulence in the Earth’s atmosphere in order to capture the details of the magnetic structuring in the solar chromosphere. Image courtesy of Mr Kevin Reardon, INAF -Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri, Italy winning the Photonics Circle of Excellence award. At that time,...

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iXon EMCCD - 3

an Oxford Instruments company The EMCCD Advantage The iXon Platforms Ultimate sensitivity with super fast speeds iXon Ultra Driving the absolute best from EMCCD technology The market leading EMCCD camera, Andor's iXon Ultra has been long recognized as the highest performance, most versatile solution for the most demanding of light starved applications. Available for both physical and life science applications, iXon Ultra delivers unbeatable flexibility and functionality, offering market leading TE cooling, ‘2-in-1’ EMCCD and CCD readout modes and a host off other high end functionality....

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iXon EMCCD - 4

an Oxford Instruments company iXon 888 ModelsField of View and Sensitivity... now 3x faster! Features and Benefits 13.3 x 13.3 mm sensor Largest field of view EMCCD available Single Photon Sensitive and > 95% QE Optimal SNR in light starved applications such as single molecule detection and quantum physics Overclocked to 30 MHz readout Follow dynamic changing processes. Crop Mode Continuous imaging with fastest possible frame rate from centrally positioned ROIs. Highly enabling for live cell super-resolution and much more (e.g. 251 fps with 256 x 256 ROI). TE cooling to -95°C...

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iXon EMCCD - 5

an Oxford Instruments company iXon 897 ModelsUltimate sensitivity... supercharged! Available on iXon Ultra and iXon Life platforms, the iXon 897 models take the popular back-illuminated 512 x 512 frame transfer sensor and overclock readout to 17 MHz, pushing speed performance to an outstanding 56 fps (full frame), whilst maintaining quantitative stability throughout. Ultimate sensitivity is also attained through deep thermoelectric cooling down to -95°C and industry-lowest clock induced charge noise. The significant speed boost offered in the iXon Ultra 897 facilitates a new level...

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iXon EMCCD - 6

an Oxford Instruments company Performance & Innovations NEW SRRF-Stream for Super Resolution The iXon has proven extremely popular for single molecule based ‘pointillist' superresolution microscopy approaches (e.g. STORM, PALM). SRRF-Stream is a NEW real time super-resolution ‘nanoscopy' functionality that operates on Andor's iXon EMCCD cameras. SRRF-Stream unlocks the means to perform real time super-resolution microscopy on conventional modern fluorescence microscopes. Resolution improvement of most datasets ranges from 2- to 6-fold (15050 nm final resolution) over typical wide...

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iXon EMCCD - 7

an Oxford Instruments company Performance & Innovations Industry Fastest Frame Rate Optically Centered Crop Mode: Enabling Live Cell Super-Resolution Pushing Frame Rates with Crop Mode Maximum frame rate performance in EMCCDs is a function of two parameters; (1) Pixel Readout Speed (horizontal); (2) Vertical Clock speed. The former dictates how rapidly charge is pushed horizontally through the EM gain register and the remaining readout electronics, while the latter dictates the speed at which charge is vertically shifted down through both the exposed sensor area and masked frame transfer...

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iXon EMCCD - 8

Performance & Innovations EX2 Technology - Extended QE from Dual AR sensor coating (iXon Ultra) iXon Ultra models are now available with a new Dual Anti-Reflection coating applied to the back-illuminated sensor, affording a significant enhancement of the Quantum Efficiency performance. iXon Ultra models are now available with a new Fringe Suppression property in the sensor design, reducing spatial etaloning effects that can arise through monochromatic imaging in the Near Infra-Red (NIR) wavelength range. manufacturer e2v. The net effect is to offer significantly improved sensitivity in both...

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iXon EMCCD - 9

Performance & Innovations Deep Thermoelectric Cooling Spurious Noise Filter Single thermal electrons are amplified by the EMCCD gain mechanism. Deep vacuum TE cooling is critical to optimize the sensitivity performance of EMCCD sensors, otherwise the raw sensitivity will be compromised, even under conditions of short exposures. It can still be desirable to optionally filter the remaining spurious noise (Clock-Induced Charge or photons) to give as ‘black’ a background as possible, eradicating any remaining ‘salt and pepper’ noise. It is important to utilize noise selection and filter...

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iXon EMCCD - 10

Performance & Innovations Vacuum The iXon is well regulated in terms of both Baseline (bias offset) rigidity and superior EM gain stability, lending for enhanced quantitative reliability throughout and between measurements. Baseline Clamp OFF Window (Anti-reflection Coated) Heat Removal EM Gain Stability Mean ROI signal / ADU Andor’s proprietary UltraVac process has a proven track record of field reliability, accumulated over more than 15 years of shipping high-end vacuum cameras. UltraVac also enables use of only one input window, improving photon-throughput by 8%. Permanent, All-Metal...

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iXon EMCCD - 11

Performance & Innovations Software Solutions ‘2 in 1’ Performance - EMCCD and CCD (iXon Ultra) iXon Ultra 888 and 897 models offer ‘2 in 1’ performance flexibility, in terms of operating as a single photon EMCCD or a low noise conventional CCD, readily user selectable through software selection. Such versatility is attractive in laboratories that can require the camera to operate in low light conditions under both fast and slow frame rates. In photon starved applications, choosing the EMCCD amplifier usually yields better signal to noise ratio when under faster frame rates conditions (> 1...

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