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iXonEM+ Back-illuminated EMCCDs The Pioneering Scientific EMCCD that Continues to Set the Standards iers l Amplif iona Convent EM and EMCALTM True 16− bit digit ization Superior Quantitat ive Perfo rmance Vacuum protection − no QE degradation Lowest Read Noise Enhanced Photon C ounting Capability Longevity! Vacuum protection + Anti−Ageing ivi ensit S MCCD tE ghes Hi Fastest Frame Rates Highe st Dy namic Rang e 2! e 200 sinc ility tab line S

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The EMCCD advantage… Current trends in photon measurement are placing unprecedented demands on detector technology to perform at significantly higher levels of sensitivity and speed. Electron Multiplying CCD (EMCCD) technology has been designed to respond to this growing need, unlocking new and innovative experimental prospects. EMCCDs operate by amplifying weak signal events (down to single photons) to a signal level that is well clear of the read noise floor of the camera, at any readout speed. Importantly, this ‘on-chip’ amplification process is realized without sacrificing the photon...

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iXonEM+ Back-illuminated Range Sensor Format Pixel Size Frame Rate ‘Ultimate Sensitivity’ The Photon Counting Choice ‘Lightning Speed & Sensitivity’ ‘Field of View & Sensitivity’ iXonEM+ offers choice of both EMCCD and Conventional CCD amplifiers - DU-897 and DU-888 models Deep Thermoelectric Cooling Single thermal electrons are amplified by the EMCCD gain mechanism. Deep vacuum TE cooling is critical to optimize the sensitivity performance of backilluminated EMCCD sensors, otherwise the raw sensitivity will be compromised, even under conditions of short exposures! • • • • Minimized Clock...

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RealGainTM, Anti-Ageing and EMCALTM With the launch of the next generation iXonEM+ in early 2006, Andor once again raised the bar by introducing some significant new technology innovations. These particular pioneering steps were to set new high standards in quantitative EMCCD usage and general EMCCD longevity expectations. RealGainTM – Select absolute EM gain direct from a linear and directly quantitative software scale, x1 to x1000. No more arbitrary EM gain units. The EM gain you ask for is the EM gain you get! Anti-Ageing – Internally configured to significantly inhibit...

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www.andor.com Photon Counting - with the low-noise iXonEM+ To successfully photon count with EMCCDs, there has to be a significantly higher probability of seeing a ‘photon spike’ than seeing a darkcurrent/CIC ’noise spike’. The iXonEM+ DU-897 has the lowest darkcurrent/CIC performance on the market, yielding both lower photon counting detection limits and higher contrast images. Furthermore, the superior frame rate capability enables a higher linear dynamic range of photon counting. Photon Counting of a weakly illuminated resolution chart with: Low Clock Induced Charge - LHS vs High Clock...

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iXonEM+ - The Microscopist’s Choice iXonEM+ - The Physical Scientist’s Choice Since its pioneering introduction in 2000, Andor’s EMCCD technology has been widely and highly successfully employed by microscopists throughout the world, resulting in an outstanding level of representation in high-profile publications. In applications such as single molecule microscopy, live cell microscopy (including confocal), calcium signaling, transport/motile imaging and intracellular bioluminescence, where weak, rapidly changing fluorescent signals from cells must be dynamically imaged, Andor's iXonEM+...

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