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imaging software conduct an imaging symphony

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core software and modules: Fast z.'Z • Full camera frame rate synched with fast wavelength switching • z-sections at ~ 30/sec • Ratio analysis, including 'Dual View' • Applications include: Fast 4/5D Microscopy; Ca2+ ratio; FRET... • Image blurring and haze reduction • Deconvolution of 3D, 4D and 5D data • Handle huge data sets • Fully automatic and interactive motion analysis • Multi-channel image management • Comprehensive data analysis options for display of displacement speed and direction • Overlay track presentation • Applications include all motility and single molecule tracking •...

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iQ Software - 3

The software is in use in a wide range of applications, including confocal spinning disk imaging, TIRFM, intracellular ion imaging, geneexpression monitoring with GFP derivatives and Luciferase reporters, cell motility and proteinprotein interactions. New applications are evolving as scientific enquiry demands. Key Benefits • Power and flexibility Andor iQ the choice for building or enhancing systems. • Multi-dimensional core – Time-lapse, 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D imaging. • Fast 4D imaging with hardware synchronization up to 100 sections per second. • Z-series imaging deconvolution and 3/4D...

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iQ Software - 4

multi-dimensional memory management: Multi-dimensional at its Core Andor iQ is multidimensional at its Core. This means you can handle multi-channel, time-series, Z series and multi-field data with consummate ease. iQ provides easy to use tools for analysis, processing, visualization and management of live cell experiment data and “understands” dimensionality, so navigating and manipulating complex data sets is instant and interactive. Handle huge data sets with ease Andor iQ is built to handle huge data sets seamlessly with ImageDisk™ technology. ImageDisk™ has been developed and proven...

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iQ Software - 5

powerful wizards help with settings and configuration: • Channels Wizard lets you manage illumination and imaging for any illuminescent, fluorescent or brightfield imaging configuration. • Scan Wizard creates XY and Z Scans. • Protocols define control acquisition sequence, timing, triggering and event monitoring. • Rapid Setting and Protocol editing via right mouse click pop-up menus. • Create and manage experiment acquisition protocols for easy re-use and sharing. • Z-offset between channels to compensate for optical chromatic errors. • Control and synchronization to external hardware via...

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iQ Software - 6

powerful processing: Figure 8. Courtesy Dr Tom Blanpied, UMD. 4D maximum intensity image with pseudocolor shows live neuron labelled with quantum dots. On-Line Analysis and Charting • On-line Data is continuously streamed to a disk file. Charting of multi-channel, multiregion, multi-field or multi-well studies is possible, with optional ratio mode. • Histogram analysis of multiple user-defined regions of interest. • Line profiling for single or multi-channel image data on Live or stored data. High Performance Offline Processing • Ratio analysis for dual channel analysis, timeseries pairing...

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iQ Software - 7

targeted analysis tools and flexible plug in architecture: 5 Figure 10. Deconvolution – mouse gut epithelium before and after treatment by ClearView. Two-channel data acquired in widefield on a Zeiss Axiovert 200, with a plan-apo 100X/1.4NA oil immersion objective. Standard specimen from Invitrogen/Molecular Probes. • Thru-series analysis – Region-based, time, Z or spectral dimensions. Analyze single or multichannel image data with optional background correction. • Text and Dimension stamp overlays for monitoring and export of data. • Extend analysis dynamic range - “greys per second” mode....

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iQ Software - 8

multi dimensional views and imaging options: Multi-channel Views, Voxel Rendering, Orthogonal Viewing and Support for Confocal Instruments Andor iQ offers powerful visualization tools as standard, with 3D, 4D and 5D capabilities. Raw data from 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D acquisition protocols, can generate image data fast and iQ provides powerful tools for rapid data visualization and analysis. • Navigator - Explore the data with a multidimensional movie player interface and lets you view multi-channel data in overlay mode, merging imaging modes required. Figure 12. Courtesy Dr Rachel Errington,...

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iQ Software - 9

Figure 15. Courtesy Dr Iain Johnson, Invitrogen, Eugene, OR. Cultured neurons were loaded with DiSBAC2(3), a voltage sensitive dye and visualized with the Revolution 488. Exposure time of the iXon 887-BV was 100ms and EM Gain 200. The figure shows a film strip from Andor iQ of maximum intensity projection time series. Time point 4 is taken almost simultaneously with the addition of KCl, which depolarizes the cells and shows a near instantaneous rise in DiSBAC2(3) signal. ∆F of almost 45% is observed in this example. Imaged at The 3D Microscopy of Living Cells Course, Vancouver 2005. Montage...

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iQ Software - 10

extensive hardware support: Reconfigure your existing hardware or build new according to budget and technical requirements: Support for Scientific Grade CCD Cameras Cameras can be supplied for bright field, fluorescence and luminescence. Andor EMCCD, Hamamatsu, Roper Scientific, PCO, Q-Imaging. Support for Leading Confocal Spinning Disk Adapters Yokogawa CSU 10 and 22 (Revolution systems) and Olympus DSU. Filters, Filter Wheels, Shutters and Emission Field Splitters Chroma and Semrock, Sutter Instruments, Ludl Electronics, Prior, Uniblitz, Optical Insights and Cairn Research. Monochromator...

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iQ Software - 11

andor revolution: A Family of Products Andor Revolution provides a framework for our laser spinning disk, live cell confocal microscopy solutions, which combine our own award winning iXon EMCCD camera with the renowned Yokogawa CSU 10 and 22 units “inside”. Andor has a global distribution agreement with Yokogawa Electric Corporation, to integrate powerful confocal solutions. This partnership brings you unrivalled performance, product understanding and support. Revolution encompasses a range of components, both hardware and software that fit seamlessly together creating a complete confocal...

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