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Intensified Camera Series - 1

Fast Gated ICCD Solutions

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Intensified Camera Series - 2

Industry-standard plug-and-play, lockable and rugged interface Seamless multi-camera control from single PC or laptop. Rapid frame and spectral rates for superior characterization of dynamic phenomena. Single readout amplifier for best image digitization uniformity. Comprehensive binning options Crop & Fast Kinetic mode Greater than 6,667 spectra/s continuous rates, up to 55,250 spectra/s in burst mode. Scientific-grade Intensified CCDs from Andor Technology Fast gated ICCDs Fully software-customizable binning sequences for highest spectral and image rates. Low jitter, low insertion delay...

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Intensified Camera Series - 3

Array format Pixel size High resolution spectroscopy and imaging sensors Effective area (vs. image intensifier Ø) Ten reasons to choose the New iStar Recommended applications High resolution, broadband spectroscopy Ultrafast, broadband multi-track spectroscopy The New iStar family features a range of high resolution sensors for the sharpest nanosecond time-resolved images and spectral signatures acquisition, with no compromise in collection efficiency. All sensors feature pixels exhibiting 100% fill factor, unlike microlense-less interline sensors where ~ 50% of the incoming signal will be...

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Intensified Camera Series - 4

... and beyond with fast kinetic mode This readout mode uses the actual sensor as a temporary storage medium, allowing extremely fast sequences to be captured. By using the fastest vertical clock speeds as advised by the manufacturer, the New iStar achieves the highest sustained aquisition rates on the market. Crop mode: Pushing frame and spectral rate further... The active imaging area of the sensor is defined in a way that only a small section of the entire chip is used for imaging or spectral acquisition. T1) CCD “Keep Clean” sequence is interrupted, and useful signal builds-up on the...

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Intensified Camera Series - 5

Pushing the limits of nanosecond time-resolved detection Originally develop for night vision applications, image intensifiers can also act as ultra-fast (nanosecond-scale) optical shutters, as well as provide signal amplification up to x1,000 proved invaluable in the world of research for studies of short-lived events, e.g. fluorescence decay time measurements, or ultrafast dynamic behaviour studies, e.g. plasma or combustion kinetics. The response of an ICCD is governed by the Quantum Efficiency (QE) of the intensifier tube, which is determined by the combination of the input window and...

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Intensified Camera Series - 6

Featuring the most comprehensive user-friendly interface on the market IntelligateTM: Superior gating in the UV-VUV region However photocathode “leakage” becomes more pronounced in the UV-VUV region (< 300 nm), where more energetic photons have a greater probability to go through the photocathode turned “OFF”, reach the MCP to generate an electron that can be detected. This can lead to shuttering efficiency as low as 1:104. Gate monitor Located directly beside the image intensifier – provides the most reliable timing information on actual gating occurrence Electron Background Illumination...

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Intensified Camera Series - 7

View our cameras online Seamless integration to Spectroscopy instruments The New iStar provides the most compact platform on the market, seamlessly interfacing to Andor’s range of high-end spectrographs to provide best-in-class, fully integrated, pre-aligned and precalibrated detection solutions for the most challenging spectroscopy applications. The Shamrock 303i, 500i and 750 Czerny-Turner spectrograph feature USB 2.0-controlled, triple gratingbased, multi input / output imaging platforms with excellent resolution and multi-track capabilities. The Shamrock 163 is Andor’s...

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Intensified Camera Series - 8

Part Numbers DH312T-18F-03 018 mm, Gen 2 Broad, 5 ns, Intelligate DH312T-18U-73 018 mm, Gen 3 Nir, 2 ns, Intelligate DH312T-18U-03 018 mm, Gen 2 Broad, 2 ns, Intelligate DH312T-18H-83 018 mm, Gen 2 UV, 100 ns, Intelligate DH312T-18F-04 018 mm, Gen 2 Broad, 5 ns, P46, Intelligate DH312T-18F-93 018 mm, Gen 3 InGaAs, 5 ns, Intelligate DH312T-18U-04 018 mm, Gen 2 Broad, 2 ns, P46, Intelligate DH312T-18U-93 018 mm, Gen 3 InGaAs, 2 ns, Intelligate DH312T-18F-05 018 mm, Gen 2 Broad, 10 ns, MgF2, Intelligate DH312T-18F-A3 018 mm, Gen 3 Vis-Nir, 5 ns, Intelligate DH312T-18U-05 018 mm, Gen 2 Broad, 5...

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Intensified Camera Series - 9

Andor Customer Support Andor products are regularly used in critical applications and we can provide a variety of customer support services to maximise the return on your investment and ensure that your product continues to operate at its optimum performance. Andor has customer support teams located across North America, Asia and Europe, allowing us to provide local technical assistance and advice. Requests for support can be made at any time by contacting our technical support team at Andor offers a variety of support under the following format: • On-site product...

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