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Highlights • Electroluminescence imaging with 0.2s integration time • Optimal NIR sensitivity (+25°C): 88% QE @ 900nm 46% QE @ 1000nm • Back-illuminated, deep depletion CCD with Fringe Suppression Technology™ • High dynamic range: 80dB Key Applications • Electroluminescence • Photoluminescence • Inline Solar Cell Inspection • Machine Vision iKon-M BR-DD CCD Camera Luminescence Imaging for Fast Photovoltaic Cell Inspection Andor’s iKon-M BR-DD is the ultimate high-performance CCD camera for electroluminescence and photoluminescence imaging of photovoltaic (PV) cells and modules, combining very low noise electronics and optimal sensitivity in the NIR. Featuring Fringe Suppression Technology™, this back-illuminated deep depleted sensor is specifically designed to offer ultimate performance for NIR applications, whilst minimizing etaloning. The iKon-M BR-DD offers megapixel resolution (1024 x 1024) with a large, 13gm pixel size, multi-megahertz readout speed and robust USB 2.0 connectivity. With 88% Quantum Efficiency (QE) @ 900nm and 46% QE @ 1000nm, integration times for EL-imaging can be reduced down to 0.2s. Ideally suited for very fast running PV inspection systems as found in Stringers and Cell Sorters. The easy access SDK makes this a distinctly ‘OEM-friendly’ solution.

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AN DOR™ TECHNOLOGY OEM Solutions Features Benefits • High NIR sensitivity • Ideally suited to luminescence emission of photovoltaic cells & modules • Fringe Suppression Technology™ • Minimizes fringing (etaloning) effects • High dynamic range • Contrast rich imaging • Thermoelectric cooling • Reduces noise and blemishes • Baseline clamp • Essential for quantitative accuracy • Cropped sensor mode • Specialised acquisition mode for continuous imaging with fast temporal resolution Resolution Pixel QE* Read Frame Dynamic Cooling** Size Noise Rate Range * At...

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