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Marana-X The Fastest sCMOS Camera for Direct EUV and Soft X-ray Detection Key Specifications High Resolution: 4.2 Megapixel High Sensitivity: Up to 99% QE Fast Speeds: Up to 74 fps High Dynamic Range: Up to 16-bit EMP Resistant: CoaXPress data interface Deep Cooled: -45°C cooling No mechanical shutter required In situ Radiography Tomography Spectroscopy Hyperspectral Imaging HHG Source Characterisation EUV Ptychography EUV Lithography

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Introducing Marana-X The Most Sensitive Back-illuminated sCMOS Marana-X is Andor’s ground breaking sCMOS platform tailored to direct EUV and soft X-ray applications. Hand crafted to deliver market leading performance and versatility Marana-X reads out a 4.2 Megapixel high resolution array in less than 50 milliseconds while maintaining very low read noise; hundreds of times faster than similar resolution CCD detectors. Unparalleled Quantum Efficiency The new Marana-X sCMOS boasts superior quantum efficiency in the EUV-1 keV energy range compared to existing CCDs. The excellent quantum...

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Features and Benefits From soft X-ray tomography to hyperspectral imaging the Marana-X combines the sensitivity, speed, resolution and field of view to take on the most demanding imaging or spectroscopic challenges. Feature Up to 99% QE & lowest noise 4.2 Megapixel The ONLY uncoated back-illuminated sCMOS Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) Mode > 99.7% linearity Fan and liquid cooling as standard Benefit•1 Maximum signal to noise for light starved measurements. Achieve high contrast faster. Very weak signals require lowest noise floor and longer exposures: Don’t be restricted by camera thermal...

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Key Features Fast Sensor Readout Taking only 13.5 milliseconds per full frame readout, Marana-X can achieve a rapid 74 fps. Marana-X is ideal for the acquisition of large imaging data sets such as tomography and in-situ transient phenomena. Extended Dynamic Range Large pixel well-depth and an on-chip multi-amplifier design means the whole photometric range, from the noise floor up to the saturation limit, can be captured with one image. The wide dynamic range is complemented by enhanced on-head intelligence to deliver linearity > 99.7%, for unparalleled quantitative accuracy of measurement...

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Application Focus Soft X-ray Water Window Tomography Soft X-ray microscopy in the water window (~285535 eV) enables the unique imaging of intact cellular samples in their near-native state to resolutions of only a few 10s of nm in detail. The excellent speed of the Marana-X combined with unparalleled quantum efficiency in the 285-535 eV energy range makes the Marana-X the ideal camera for water window tomography. This coupled with low read noise and lack of mechanical shutter enables Marana-X to collect high contrast data sets with minimal experimental downtime. Fogelqvist, E., Kördel, M.,...

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Modes for Marana Multi-track Mode M h The array size may be defined for either resolution or maximum speed. Up to 256 vertically binned tracks can be used for multi-track analysis without sacrificing speed. Spectroscopy Mode Imaging Mode A vertically binned track is centred on the sensor enabling the maximum spectral rate to capture dynamic events. Multi-track Mode 4.2B-6 Vertically binned tracks (overlap ON) Track height (h) Imaging Mode 4.2B-6 Frame rate table Max Frame Rate (fps) ROI Size (W x H)

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Modes for Marana Continued S Spectroscopy Mode 4.2B-6 Vertically binned tracks (overlap ON) Max Spectra Rate Note: Frame/spectral rates do not differ if partial or full rows are selected. Extend Dynamic Range - Fast Image Stacking 0.2 seconds Effective Well Depth / e- Dynamic Range Frame Accumulation Dynamic Range and Effective Well Depth as a function of the number of stacked (accumulated) frames, plotted for Marana-X 4.2B-6. A Dynamic Range of 188,280:1, and a corresponding Effective Well Depth of 1,650,000 electrons can be reached with only 30 stacked frames. At maximum frame rate, this...

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Technical Specifications Model Sensor Type Marana-X 4.2B-6 Back-Illuminated Scientific CMOS Array Size Pixel Size Image Area Readout Modes 13.3 mm x 13.3 mm (18.8 mm diagonal) Rolling Shutter Pixel Readout Rates 310 MHz (Fast High Dynamic Range mode, 16-bit) 180 MHz (Low Noise mode, 12-bit) Sensor operating temperature•4 Air cooled Water/liquid cooled Dark Current Air cooled (@-25°C) Water/liquid cooled (@ -45°C) 1.6 e- (Fast High Dynamic Range mode, 16-bit) 1.2 e- (Low Noise mode, 12-bit) Active area pixel well depth 55 000 e- (Fast High Dynamic Range mode, 16-bit) 1800 e- (Low Noise mode,...

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USB 3.0•7 A convenient, universally available high speed interface. TTL / Logic Connector type: 15-way D-type to BNC cable with AUX_OUT_1 (Output), External Trigger (Input), ARM (Output). CoaXPress CoaXPress (2 lane) offers the highest speed data interface Water Cooling W Connection to recirculator or other water/liquid cooling system is possible for maximum sensitivity. P Power Connection to PSU refer to power requirements on page 12. Notes: Minimum cable clearance required at rear of camera: 100 mm. Best Practice Guidelines Condensation • It is strongly advised that the camera should not...

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Creating the Optimum Product for You Step 1. Choose the camera type Description Marana-X 4.2B-6: 4.2 Megapixel Back-illuminated sCMOS EUV/soft X-ray optimised, 6.5 µm pixel, >99% QE, 43 fps, USB 3.0, 6” flange with 5/16 UNC threaded holes Camera Type Marana-X 4.2B-6: 4.2 Megapixel Back-illuminated sCMOS EUV/soft X-ray optimised, 6.5 MARANA-4BN6X-SOI µm pixel, >99% QE, 74 fps, USB 3.0 & CoaXPress, 6” flange with 5/16 UNC threaded holes Marana-X 4.2B-6: 4.2 Megapixel Back-illuminated sCMOS EUV/soft X-ray optimised, 6.5 µm pixel, >99% QE, 43 fps, USB 3.0, 6” flange with M8 threaded holes...

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Dimensions in mm [inches] Weight (approx): ~5.4 kg M8x1.25 16.0 0.630 - METRIC VARIANTS 5/16-18 UNC 16.0 0.630 - IMPERIAL VARIANTS 16 OFF - EQUALLY SPACED ON PCD 130.25 [5.128] 6.0 0.630 - METRIC VARIANTS 16.0 0.630 - IMPERIAL VARIANTS Y SPACED ON PCD 130.25 [5.128] +0.030 6.0 I.D. WATER CONNECTOR COMPATIBLE 0.255 - 0.030 +0.75 WITH TAILPIPES FOR 1/4" BORE 6.49 - 0.75 SOFT PVC HOSE (2 PLCS) image plane of sensor Camera Codes are as follows: MARANA-I-4BN6U-SO -Imperial USB MARANA-M-4BN6U-SO -Metric USBON/OFF SWITCH MARANA-I-4BN6X-SO -Imperial Coax USB 3.1 D MARANA-M-4BN6X-SO -Metric Coax...

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