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Kymera 193i Intelligent, Modular and Compact Spectrograph for Physical and Life Science Key Specifications 3 Adaptive Focus (Patented) 3 Dual detector outputs 3 Dual grating turret & eXpressIDTM

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Dual Exit Ports Versatile and flexible configurations for wide range of spectroscopy measurements. Dual port setups include combinations of: • • • • • • CCD cameras for UV, Vis and NIR spectroscopy ICCD cameras for UV to NIR and Time Resolved measurements Single Point Detectors (SPDs) for scanning spectroscopy solutions from UV to SWIR SPDs for time resolved, lifetime measurements Exit slits for monochromator tunable light source Fiber coupling to deliver output light/signal to another part of experiment The ports are easily selected through the software and integrity of calibration for...

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Features and Benefits Feature 193 mm focal length, F/3.6 aperture Adaptive Focus (patented) Benefit Ideal combination for a wide range of applications, ranging from luminescence/ photoluminescence spectroscopy, to more demanding, higher resolution Raman spectroscopy. Intelligent and user-friendly interface, for uncompromised spectral resolution performance. Dual-grating turret with xPressIDTM RFID technology Seamless field-upgradability with precise indexing interface, and user-friendly hatch access. Automatic gratings recognition and setup, with embedded RFID tags - minimum user...

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Step-by-Step System Configuration How to customize the Kymera 193i: 1 Chassis configuration a) Select combination of input and output ports (see page 5 for available options). b) Select type of optics coating required (aluminium + MgF2 is standard, protected silver coated optics available on request, for NIR detection). c) Select purge port option (for improved detection down to 180 nm). Shutter for background acquisition and protection of the detector. 2 Resolution & band-pass Select gratings and detector to fulfil resolution and wavelength requirements. Input light coupling interface...

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Step 1 - Chassis Configuration Ordering Information Model Side input port Direct output port Side output port Motorized port selection Manual slit Manual slit Manual slit Manual slit Protected silver-coated optics options for models shown above (replace x with relevant model number) Optics Coatings Reflectivity Graph 100 Standard systems use Al + MgF2 coated optics. Protected silver optics are also available on request for maximum efficiency in the NIR region - recommended for working with Andor iDus InGaAs detectors or IR single-point detectors, such as MCT, PbS and InSb. 90 When choosing...

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Step 2a - Choosing The Right Platform vs Dispersion Requirements Recommended Spectral Range - Kymera 193i Gratings Resolution calculator Green Aberration-free region Orange Possible impact on system resolution Red Likely impact on system resolution Czerny-Turner spectrographs are designed to provide the best optical performance for a range of grating angles as reflected on the green parts of the graph above. Outside this range, the spectral lines may exhibit a degree of optical aberration (such as coma), which will become more prominent at the steeper angles. These...

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Step 2b - Choosing The Right Grating vs Resolution and Band-pass The Kymera 193i features a dual grating turret, designed to offer flexibility and control over your choice and interchange of gratings. The dual grating turret can be easily and speedily removed, and replaced by an alternative turret with new gratings. The intelligent design of the 193i means that only a simple offset adjustment is required once the new turret and gratings are added. The 193i is shipped with the grating turret already in place, ensuring your system is ready for use straight out of the box. Additional grating...

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Step 2c - Selecting The Correct Grating Efficiency Option All graphs shown below represent efficiency for 45° polarisation Efficiency (%) ciency Efficiency (%) ciency Efficiency (%) ciency Efficiency (%) ciency Efficiency (%) ciency Important Consideration System throughput is dependent on the grating’s angle of operation and may decrease with higher grating operating angles. Need to have maximum collection efficiency in the NIR/SWIR? All gratings are also available with protected silver coating. Please contact your local representative for further information.

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Step 3 - Selecting The Correct Light Coupling Interfaces Side input port (applicable to all models) How to customize the Kymera 193i (Side Entrance Port): Spacer (Standard) Fixed FC Fibre Adapter (SRASM-8011) X Adjustable Fibre Adapter, Ferrule Input (SR-ASM-8006) Fixed Fibre Adapter, Ferrule Input (SR-ASM-8001) Filter Wheel Assembly (ACC-SR-ASZ-7005) 8.2 x 8.2 mm / 512 x 512 sensor Lowest Noise Imaging EMCCD Motorized Slit Assembly•13 (SR-ASZ-0035) inc 6 x 4 mm (W x H) Cover Plate Fixed SMA Fibre Adapter (ACC-SR-ASM-8003) Neutral Density Filters•12 Long Pass Filters•12 Short Pass...

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Step 4 - Cameras and Output Port Flanges Side Output Port (Applicable to B models) Note: This output is compatible with Andor Spectroscopy CCD and ICCD cameras- no mounting flange required. Manual Adjustable Slit Assembly•13 (Standard) inc 6 x 4 mm (W x H) Cover Plate Cover Plate for Manual Adjustable Slit Assembly (See page 11 Section A: Slit Covers) Output Port Motorized Slit Assembly•13 (SR-ASZ-0036) inc 6 x 4 mm (W x H) Cover Plate X-Y Adjustable Fibre Adapter (See page 11 Section B: Direct X-Y fibre couplers) Output Port iKon-M Mounting Flange (MFL-SR-IKON-M) iXon ULTRA Mounting Flange...

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Step 4A: Slit Covers Size Step 4B - X-Y Fibre Coupler (with NO slit) Motorised Slit Manual Slit Spectrograph input port Filter wheel (if applicable) Fibre Ferrule SR-OPT-80XX Upgrade to other fibre interface: ACC-yyDIRECT-APT SMA-SMA fibre Upgrade to other fibre interface: ACC-yyDIRECT-APT 8.2 x 8.2 mm / 512 x 512 sensor fibre FC-FC LowestSR-ASM-8053 Noise Imaging EMCCD Upgrade to other fibre interface: ACC-yyDIRECT-APT FC/APC-FC/APC fibre Upgrade to other fibre interface: ACC-yyDIRECT-APT Where yy = SMA, FC, FC/APC or FERRULE Step 4C - X-Y Fibre Coupler (with slit assembly) Spacer...

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