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Dragonfly High-speed Confocal Imaging Platform Instant Confocal Simultaneous multi-colour TIRF Laser widefield imaging Single molecule imaging VIS-NIR wavelengths Acquire | Visualize | Analyze Borealis illumination

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Introducing Dragonfly It’s more than confocal... Dragonfly is a high-contrast multi-dimensional imaging platform capable of four key imaging modalities. At its core is a multi-point confocal for high-speed and highsensitivity imaging. Capturing at speeds at least 10x faster than conventional confocal technology, Dragonfly is the optimal solution for live cell imaging, providing low phototoxicity and photobleaching, or perfect for fast volume acquisition of fixed samples. Super-resolution is a second feature of Dragonfly, which can leverage a variety of techniques to push the resolution...

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Features & Benefits Hardware Feature High speed confocal (micro-lens enhanced) Up to 400 fps for fast cell dynamics At least 10x faster than conventional confocal Large field of view (16.6 x 14.0 mm) Capture more in a single image Matches large sCMOS sensors Provides: stability, throughput, uniformity, extended wavelength range. Laser-illuminated widefield mode For imaging thin specimens and single molecules Capture both weak and bright signals without saturation Optimal flexibility for simultaneous dual colour imaging (e.g. single camera bypass + 3 chromatic splitters) Laser illumination...

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Technical Data General Specifications Excitation range: 400-800 nm Emission range: 420-850 nm Confocal/Widefield Wavelength Range TIRF Input Wavelength Range Confocal/Widefield Input Power 2 W maximum for combined wavelengths Confocal Pinhole Diameter Disk Type Active Blanking Output Power Micro-lens enhanced dual disk Laser illumination timed with camera exposure to minimize phototoxicity and photobleaching As classified under IEC 60825-1 or the regional equivalent: 500mW maximum Class 3B (typical). May be Class 4 with 1W maximum With some laser combinations. Lateral Resolution Diffraction...

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Technical Features Explained 3 1 2 1 Borealis- Patented Perfect Illumination Delivery Integral to the illumination pathway for confocal and widefield modes is Borealis. Borealis utilizes a multimode fibre and microscope correction optics to provide exceptional illumination optimising the following parameters: coupling stability and efficiency, excitation throughput, imaging uniformity and spectral range. Feature Uniformity improvements of up to 10x Throughput improvements up to 3x Extended spectral range (400-800 nm excitation) • Accurate cross-field analysis • Seamless tiled/montage...

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Camera Zoom At each camera port there is a motorized 3 position magnification changer (500 series) or single/double motorized changer (200 series) containing 1x, 1.5x and 2x optics. If you are using a sensitive camera with a larger pixel, such as on the iXon Ultra 888 (13 µm), moving to a 2x zoom allows you to reach Nyquist sampling with 60x and 100x high NA objective to ensure all the finest details from your sample are captured. The level of detail is then only limited by the objective you use. Right: A comparison of the same cell with sub-images showing enhanced resolution of fine detail...

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Illumination Zoom (500 series) The illumination path for widefield and confocal modes has a motorized 4-position zoom mechanism. This enables the illumination light to be focused into a smaller area and deliver a higher power density to the sample when an application requires more light from the laser source, for example dSTORM. Mode Increase in power density Power density Right: Using the Illumination Zoom to increase the power density of illumination. Selectable Illumination Field Aperture Size Dragonfly includes a variable aperture to best match the area of illumination to the camera...

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Integrated Software Solutions Fusion Fusion has been designed to meet the requirements of today’s expectations for ease of use and immediate visual feedback for data review, whilst fulfilling tomorrow’s aspirations for handling multi-modal imaging. Fusion simplifies the control of the Dragonfly system, with its multiple imaging modes, to fluorophore and imaging mode selection in just three mouse clicks. A “New Specimen” feature lets you switch specimens with two mouse clicks, refocusing the objective automatically. Once the sample is on the microscope you can control all hardware, including...

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Creating the Optimum Product for You Step 1 Select the Dragonfly Model You Require Upright microscope Inverted microscope Camera port zoom Zoom illumination Dual cameras Note: All models include workstation with Fusion and Imaris Core software. 200 Series Description Single pinhole pattern, single camera port and camera port magnification options Dual pinhole pattern, single camera port and camera port zoom options Single pinhole pattern, second camera port option and camera port zoom options Dual pinhole pattern, second camera port option and camera port zoom options Model Number 500...

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Select the required laser sources Choose Additional Options for Your Selected Dragonfly Model 200 Series First camera magnification (fixed) Description Part Code Part Code Part Code Second camera port Part Code Part Code Part Code Spare 8-position filter wheel First camera zoom (motorized) Second camera port (202 only) Dragonfly 200 Series Second camera magnification (fixed)* Options Second camera zoom (motorized)* Spare filter wheel * These options must be specified at time of ordering as they are not field-upgradable. Part Code Second camera port Spare 8-position filter wheel Dragonfly...

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Select the Cameras You Require Neo 5.5, Zyla 4.2 and 5.5 sCMOS Cameras • Highest resolution, up to 2560 x 2160 pixels, pixel size 6.5 µm, image area up to 16.6 x 14.0 mm. QEmax up to >80%, TE cooled down to -40oC. See page 4 for frame rates. • For more information: Neo and Zyla sCMOS cameras iXon EMCCD Camera Series • Single photon sensitive, 1024 x 1024 pixels, pixel size 13 µm, image area 13.3 x 13.3 mm. QEmax >95%, TE cooled to -55oC. See page 4 for frame rates. • Add SRRF-Stream: SRRF-STREAM-CAM • For more information: iXon EMCCD cameras Select the Required ILE Model Many combinations...

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