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Torque tester DRIVETORK Designed for measuring screwing torque Vertical torque bench for measuring up to 12 Nm (100 in-lb). It can measure clockwise and counterclockwise Semi-automatic control by console or automatic by computer Speed range from 1 to 10 revolutions per minute. (other speeds available upon demand) Range of accessories available for cap testing Its compact format and design is suitable for food or pharmaceutical production Designed for measuring screwing torque To measure torque accurately, it is necessary to regulate the test speed for repetitive results. The Drivetork,...

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Torque tester DRIVETORK The sensors The Drivetork is equipped with two high-precision sensors: a torque sensor and an angle sensor. These two sensors are perfectly aligned to guarantee the quality of the measurements in the sample axis. The torque sensor: it is the sensitive element of the Drivetork. This sensor is available in different capacities depending on the measuring range on which it is used. The Drivetork can perform torque measurements from a few mNm (oz in) up to 12Nm (100 in-lb). These sensors are interchangeable and automatically recognized by the Drivetork. Therefore, it is...

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Fast adoption: load a configuration and start measuring! The steering and acquisition software Califort, when associated with the Drivetork, makes it a complete and ready to use solution. The time of adoption and configuration by the user is considerably reduced. Simply press the green arrow and your tests and measurements start. There is no easier way to begin. User has access to the most important data of his measurement and a limited access to the test configurations. Califort’s menus have been redesigned for an ergonomic and easier user experience, which minimized the training time on...

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We take you through the easy process of setting your tests The Califort software uses simple tools to define your test protocols. Setting your test is done sequentially and has an intuitive flow. The test configuration is guided by a step by step process, and no programming knowledge is required. By following the simple sequences of the various stage of defining your test, you quickly build advanced multi-stage test routines. Choose among the following available parameter to customize your test: - Type of data to graph - Calculations to display: maximum, average, break, elongation, etc. -...

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Maximum capacity Hight of the samples Maximum diameter of the samples Minimum speed Maximum speed Displacement of the movable head Dimension of the test stand L x D x H Weight Technical specifications General working conditions: Technical specifications Power - Working Temperature: 10°C to +35°C - Humidity: normal condition for laboratory or industrial - The material testing equipment should be used on a flat, stable and not subject to vibration environment - All the parts of the test stand are made to be washed with a damp cloth. The guidances are not lubrificated. * Other speed ranges can...

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Dimensions Dimensions of the test stand Rotary axis The rotary axis is equipped of a joint to avoid the liquid projections inside of the housing. The cleaning of the housing can be done with a damp cloth.

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Prehension accessories for your samples can be mounted on the Drivetork. The choice of the accessories depends on the type of products to test. We can also design and manufacture on demand special jaws according to your needs. Contact us for further information. Microtork platens Square Sample diameter from 1,5 to 10 mm 3/8 square enabling the easy mouting of clamping tooling such as sleeves, screwing ends etc. Clamp included Anditork platens Big stainless steel platen with 4 rubber fingers Suitable for closures on bottles and canister

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