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Manual and motorized test stands for spring verifications ANDILOG - info@andilog.com - www.andilog.com

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S pringtest, the range of instruments for springs Tension, com pression and t or sion spr ings To master the good integration of springs in your end products and to ensure the seamless quality process, it is necessary to control periodically the spring rate. Presentation of the S pringtest range These controls can be done during the design or the delivery check thanks to manual or motorized test stands, which enable to measure the spring rate at one or more points. Force gauges and testing machines enable to simply measure the applied force on a spring at a predefined height. To per for m t...

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Spring testers - Range Springtest - 3

S imple manual spring check: S pringtest 1 and T1 The S pringtest 1 and T1 are precise, sim ple and econom ical syst em t o cont rol com pression spr ings of small capacity. They include a very accurate force gauge (0,1% FS a ), manual test stand, a digital ruler and a special compression plate for springs. The measuring head (internal load cell with strain gauges) indicates the force applied, the ruler displays the deflection or the height under load. The bottom self levelling plate guarantees the parallelism of the plates. The system S pringtest 1 is very easy to use and it is designed to...

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How to perform measurements on springs with the manual test stands S pringtest 1 and T1? Self-leveling plat e and accessor ies This self-leveling compression platen adjusts the parallelism between the plate and the sample holder during measurements in compression. It ensures the good positioning of the spring. With an external diameter of 76 mm (3 inch), the self-levelling platen can withstand loads up to 2,000 N / 450 lbs. Perform a spring verification Hooks can be delivered as an option to perform tests on tension springs. H ow t o m easure wit h t he Spr ingt est 1 & T 1? For the first...

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Spring testers - Range Springtest - 5

High accuracy check: S pringtest 2 Spr ingt est 2 - Measurem ent of sm all spr ing capacit ies wit h cr ank The S pringtest 2 has been especially developed for the precise measurement of compression springs. This manual test stand with force gauge or external load cell and digital ruler is well suited for the measurement of springs with small dimensions and force ranges. The S pringtest 2 offers you unique functions on the market: touch, color display with visualization of the curve, included data acquisition software, interchangeable load cells etc. This test stand is equipped with a...

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Spring testers - Range Springtest - 6

Automated spring verification: S pringtest 3 A ut om at ed m easurem ent of t he spr ing height and force The S pringtest 3 is based on the S tentor II testing machine. It is designed to perform force testing on coil compression and tensile springs from 0 to 2,000 N (450 lbs), the S pringtest 3 is a versatile and smart system designed specifically for testing in quality control, manufacturing, and R&D areas. With it, you can perform: - S tiffness measurement in between two points Force measurement at 1 or 2 displacement values Displacement measurement at 1 or 2 force values Load curve of...

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Specifications Springtest 1 Springtest T1 Springtest 2 Springtest 3 load cell Force units N, Lb, Kg, g, Oz Internal memory 100 results 2,000 results Number of of lines 2 Curve + 2 lines OR 3 lines Curve display No No Oui Oui Vertical displacement 2,54 mm 80 mm 2,54 mm Adjustable for each crank turn 0,1 inch 3,15 inch 0,1 inch Adjustable speed in No No No Yes mm/min Mechanical stops Yes Yes Yes Yes Software stops No No No Yes Cycles Manuals Manuals Manuals Automated Compensation of the Manually...

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Verification of torsion springs: S pringtwist and Drivetwist Manual m easurem ent of t he t or que and angle: Spr ingt wist Designed to measure torsion springs, the manual torque bench S pringtwist is the solution to make your tests. It displays the torque and angle values and plots the curve on a single screen. This test bench is equipped with a high quality strain gauges torque sensor with a capacity up to 60 Nm and an accuracy of 0.5% of the full scale. Torque sensors lower capacities can be connected to the S pringtwist for measurements on springs with small loads. These sensors are...

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Mechanical details MAXI

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Spring testers - Range Springtest - 11

Driving and test software Califort Califor t ? A dvanced m at er ial t est ing soft ware The software Califort enables you to perform complex and precise force and torque measurements in all simplicity. - Int uit ive and preset for the users - Per for m ing and handy to customize your measurements - Cust om izable in the editing of your reports and the result analysis The new designed interface of Califort has been fully optimized to offer a better experience with a clear and well organized interface. It facilitates reading and usability of the software for faster and efficient daily...

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Spring testers - Range Springtest - 12

FORCE MEASURING TECHNOLOGIES Testing systems delivered with:Springtest 1, T1 and 2 Springtest 3 Springtwist/DriveTwist Manual test stand BAT1000 (Springtest 1) Testing machine Stentor II Torsion bench DriveTwist or Twist TEX555 (Springtest T1) Digital ruller Load cell up to 2,000 N / 450 Torque sensor 0,35-24 Nm (up to Force gauge Centor Easy with internal or Self-leveling plate 0 76mm 2 pierced platens for the external accuracy load cell (Springtest 1 and insertion of guiding accessories T1) Centor Touch DUAL with its table display and Compresion platen 0...

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