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● EZ manual stand ● Dynamic torque sensors ● Ergonomics ● Force measurement testersfor the building industry >

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Simple, precise, robust, supplied with its owncarrying case, mains adaptor and certificate, ready for use, it is the basic tool for force measurement. Simple and yet complete, the CENTOR First usesefficient technology to simplify force measurements, in tension and compression.A big display shows the force measured in tension orcompression in the unit selected by the operator: newtons, kilograms or pounds. The bar graph completes the measurement.The 3 keys make it very easy to use this force gaugeand access the essential functions: measurement of the peak tension or compression value,...

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All these results are stored in memory (up to 100 tests) which allowsstatistics to be calculated on the maximum values and on configurable calculations, then sent to a PC along with the dates and times of the measurements. Furthermore, it is possible to freeze its configuration to avoid handling errors.It is the most versatile instrument designed for all tests in industrial surroundings. > CENTOR Star is the most advanced force gauge currently available, it has becomethe benchmark tool for force measurement . Besides having all thefunctionalities of the CENTOREasy, it also provides...

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Several types of Centor force gauges are available, depending on the desired use.Up to a capacity of 1,000 N, the Centor Easy and Centor Star force gauges are commonly used with an internal sensor. For larger capacities or when a special sensor is required (eg. miniature sensor), a Centor Easy or a Centor Star is used version R: the sensor is connected to a portable casing, Օversion T: the sensor is connected to a tabletop casing.When several sensors must be connected to the force gauge to address multiple different uses, the Centor Star (version R or T)supports the use of sensors with the...

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STANDARD sensors, general purpose, tension and compression > MODELSACCURACYCAPACITIESRESOLUTIONSINFORMATION SPIP S2-200.1% FS20 N0.002 NHeight: 60 mm SPIP S2-500.1% FS50 N0.005 NWidth: 80 mm SPIP S2-1000.1% FS100 N0.01 NThickness: 26 mm SPIP S2-2000.1% FS200 N0.02 NThread: M 8 SPIP S2-5000.1% FS500 N0.05 NProtection IP65SPIP S2-10000.1% FS1,000 N0.1 NProtection from overloads > MINIATUREsensors, tension and compression > SPIP L163-2,5K0.5% FS0֖2,500 N20 mm7 mmSPIP L163-5K0.5% FS05,000 N20 mm7 mm MINIATURE HIGH CAPACITY sensors, compression only SPIP L160-5K0.5% FS0֖5,000 N32 mm11 mm SPIP...

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MODELBAT 750 Capacity: maximum force 750 N in tension and compression Travel 300 mm Screw pitch 2 mm/revolution Workable dimensions 90 x 120 mmMaximum clearance280 mm below the crosshead > Weight 7.5 kg Overall dimensions Height: 580 mmwithout force gaugeWidth: 230 mmDepth: 230 mm > MODELE-Z Capacity: Maximum force in tension1,800 N > WWW.ANDILOG.COM Travel200 mm Thread of the worm screw 4.5 mm Workable dimensions90 x 120 mmWeight15 kg >

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MODELBATDRIVE Capacity: maximum force500 N Speed adjustable from 10 to 120 mm/min Speed resolution 1 mm/min Accuracy5% Fast displacement speed200 mm/min Travel200 mm Displacement resolution0.05 mm Accuracy 0.1 mm Adjustable mechanical limit stopsyes Workable dimensions90 x 120 mmMaximum clearance240 mm below the crossheadOverall dimensions Height: 880 mmwithout force gaugeWidth: 230 mm Depth: 230 mm Weight22 kg Mains power supply220 V Safety Internal protection from overloads, protection using limit stops, emergency stop. >

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Accuracy5%5%5% Fast displacement speed350 mm/min350 mm/min350 mm/min > WWW.ANDILOG.COM Workable dimensions 300 x 450 mm300 x 450 mm300 x 450 mm Overall dimensions in mm850 x 500 x 490950 x 500 x 4901,150 x 500 x 490 Weight40 kg50 kg60 kg Mains power supply220 V220 V220 VSafety: internal protections from overloads, protection using limit stops, emergency stop. >

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MODELSACCURACYCAPACITIESRESOLUTIONS MODELSACCURACYCAPACITIESRESOLUTIONS SPIP TM 0.40.5% FS0.4 Nm0.05 mNmSPIP TM 0.70.5% FS0.7 Nm0.07 mNm SPIP TH 0.120.5% FS0.12 Nm0.01 mNm SPIP TH 0.30.5% FS0.3 Nm0.03 mNm SPIP TH 1.50.5% FS1.5 Nm0.1 mNm SPIP TH 60.5% FS6 Nm0.6 mNmSPIP TH 120.5% FS12 Nm1 mNm > MODELSACCURACYCAPACITIESRESOLUTIONS SPIP TW 150.5% FS15 Nm1 mNm SPIP TW 600.5% FS60 Nm6 mNm SPIP TW 1500.5% FS150 Nm0.02 NmSPIP TW 6000.5% FS600 Nm0.06 Nm > MODELSACCURACYCAPACITIESRESOLUTIONS SPIP TT 0.050.5% FS0.05 Nm0.005 mNm SPIP TT 0.150.5% FS0.15 Nm0.02 mNm SPIP TT 0.350.5% FS0.35 Nm0.03 mNm >...

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Thanks to its ability to read two sensors simultaneously with a1,000 Hertz sampling rate, C ENTOR Dual is a true test console. Itoffers all of the functionality of an efficientforce gauge, , to monitor set points andto perform calculations on each channel. It also traces an F1/F2 graph on its display or even a Force/Displacement graph, as it can also read potentiometric rules and incremental encoders.It is the simplest and most complete scalable system forapproaching the most diverse and thorough tests in a workshop or laboratory. itscalculating power enables it to save values from two...

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modify the calibration date,֖ reset the overload counter to zero if the sensor hasnot been damaged, block access to the menus and configuration.The CENTORconfiguration indicator is thus frozenand protected from any unwanted or inadvertent manipulations. CENTOR Manager is a simple, user-friendly utility thatenables you to communicate with your CENTOREasy, Star or Dual memory. It enables you to: Requires a CNR CB RS2 connecting cable. > Several modules are available and can be combined: With the RSIC data acquisition software , you can record your measurements directly using MS Excel. It...

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CNR CBRS2 Basic cable SD memory card reader for the Centor Star and CentorDual digital graphic force gauges. This new device makes it possible to save the values measured by the force gauge and then read them over on a computer for further processing. The number of values or graphs which can be stored depends only on the cards capacity. For example, a 16 MB card will store over 200 graphs. Also, a software utility provided with the card reader can help prepare test configurations: The values for the limits, the types of calculations, the values sent via RS232, and the statistical settings...

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