TFP-42, -52, -62, -162, -182 Temperature Sensor with M12 hygienic - 8 Pages

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TFP-42, -52, -62, -162, -182 Temperature Sensor with M12 hygienic

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SENSORS FOR FOOD AND BIOPHARMA. Temperature Sensor with M12 hygienic Application / Specified Usage ·· Temperature Measurement in pipes DN15...DN80 ·· Temperature measurement in thin-walled pipes and vessels Application Examples ·· Process monitoring ·· Monitoring of CIP- / SIP-process ·· Temperature measurement in UHT-plants Hygienic Design / Process Conwnection ·· Flow optimized, hygienic and easy sterilizable installation by using Negele weld-in sleeve, e.g. EMK-032 or build-in system, e.g. EHG-... / M12 ·· Additional process connections: adapters for TriClamp, dairy flange (DIN 11851), Varivent, DRD, APV et al ·· Sealing system free of elastomers, the connection will be without gaps and crevices ·· Product contacting materials compliant to FDA ·· Sensor completely made of stainless steel Features / Advantages ·· Integrated transmitter optional ·· Different electrical connections available Options / Accessories ·· 2 x Pt100 (not retrofittable) ·· 2 x Pt100 with two transmitters (not retrofittable) ·· Programmable transmitters MPU-4 as well as MPU-M with output 4...20 mA, 2-wire ·· Integrated transmitters for HART-protocol ·· Integrated transmitter MPU-LCD with display in connecting head ·· Programming adapter MPU-P 9701 ·· Pt100 chip with other classes of accuracy (1/3B, 1/10B) ·· Sensor tips with diameter 3 mm and 4 mm ·· Spacer for high temperature up to 250 °C permanent temperature up to 450 °C (on request) ·· Pre-assembled connecting cable for M12 plug ·· Fixed cable in other lengths and other material available ·· Calibration certificate (optional with order)

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Specification Temperature sensor

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Electrical Connection Electrical connection without transmitter Elektrischer Anschluss ohne Kopftransmitter Electrical connection with Kopftransmitter Elektrischer Anschluss mit transmitter Configuration M12 plug Belegung M12-Stecker 1: + supply 2: - supply 4...20 mA 3: not connected 4: not connected With cable gland Mit Kabelverschraubung With 2 x M12 plug Belegung 2. M12-Stecker Configuration 2nd M12 plug 4...20 mA current loop 4...20 mA Stromschleife With cable gland Belegung Klemmen terminal Configuration strip 3 4 Electrical connection with two transmitter (TFP-62) Klemmen für 1. Pt100...

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Dimensional Drawings Important advice for TFP-52 und -52.2 Tighten the sensor only at the lower, marked in yellow spanner flat (BE = 17 mm)! TFP-162

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Dimensional Drawings Sensor tip diameter and response time All temperature sensors are available with smaller sensor tips, to ensure a shorter response time. The below-mentioned times were measured by emersing a temperature sensor from room temperature into boiling water.

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Mechanical Connection / Installation Conventional Usage ·· Use only Negele CLEANadapt system for safe operation of measuring point! ·· Not suitable for applications in explosive areas. ·· Not suitable for applications in security-relevant equipments (SIL). Transport / Storage ·· No outdoor storage ·· Dry and dust free ·· Not exposed to corrosive media ·· Protected against solar radiation ·· Avoiding mechanical shock and vibration ·· Storage temperature -55...+90 °C ·· Relative humidity maximum 98 % Reshipment ·· Sensors shall be clean and free of media or heat-conductive paste and must not...

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Order Code Order code for version with 1 x Pt100 TFP-42 (connecting head 0 55 mm) TFP-52 (connecting head 0 55 with spacer) TFP-162 (connecting head 0 18 mm, electrical connection via M12 plug) TFP-182 (connecting head 0 18 mm,electrical connection via 2,5 m PVC-cable; other lengths: see accessories; Sensor length EL in mm 020...500 (in steps of 5 mm) Diameter thermowell in mm (only selectable at sensor length > 30 mm) 4 (only with sensor tip 4 mm) 6 Diameter sensor tip in mm 3 (only with thermowell 6 mm) 4 (only with thermowell 6 mm, standard when sensor length < 30 mm) 6 (only with...

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Product Information TFP-42, -52, -62, -162, -182 Order code for version with 2 x Pt100 TFP-42.2 (connecting head 0 55 mm, 2 x Pt100, no transmitter possible!) TFP-52.2 (connecting head 0 55 mm, 2 x Pt100, with spacer, no transmitter possible!) TFP-62 (higher connecting head 0 55 mm, 2 x Pt100, prepared for 2 x transmitter) TFP-62-H (like TFP-62, but with spacer) TFP-182.2 (connecting head 0 18 mm, electrical connection 2,5 m PTFE-cable; other lengths: see at accessories) Sensor Length in mm 020...500 (in steps of 5 mm) Diameter thermowell in mm (only selectable at sensor length > 30 mm) 4...

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