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Continuous Level Sensor NSL-M-00 Range of application Continuous level measurement in metallic vessels up to 3 m in height Ideal for adhesive and pasty media Level measurement of foaming media Minimum product conductivity typically from 50 µS/cm (available on request for lower values) · Hygienic substitute for float sensors Application examples · Process such as ballance tanks and fillers · Level measurement in storage vessels · Level monitoring in pressurized vessels Hygienic design/Process connection · By using Negele build-in system CLEANadapt a hygienic, gap free and easy sterilizable installation will be achieved. · Process connection G1/2" and G1" hygienic, G1" standard thread or Tri-Clamp, adapters for milk pipe (DIN 11851), Varivent, DRD, ... available (see product information CLEANadapt) · EHEDG certified hygienic process connection with CLEANadapt fitting · Conforming to 3-A Sanitary Standard · Product contacting materials compliant to FDA · Sensor made of stainless steel (protection class IP 69 K) · CIP-/SIP-cleaning up to 143 °C / max. 120 minutes Features · Compact and robust sensor with minimal size ratio · 2-wire sensor with 4...20 mA output signal · No adjustment after media change due to potentiometric measurement principle · Individual parameter adjustment or programming via PC interface · Head adjustment for M12-plug possible with twistable sensor head · Mounting in vessels is possible from bottom and from top · Mounting on the side is possible with angeled sensor · Current signal for measurement range, dry signal and error signal adjustable Options/Accessories · Pre-assembled connecting cable for M12-plug · Programming adapter MPI-200 with PC software Function principle The potentiometric measuring principle measures the change in the voltage ratio between the electrode rod of the sensor and the metallic wall of the filled tank. An electric flow field arises in the medium due to the conductivity of the medium and its capacitive properties. This gives rise to a voltage ratio that is proportional to the immersed part of the rod. Because only the ratio of the voltages is considered, the properties of the medium, in particular the electrical conductivity of 50 µS/cm and higher, do not enter into the measurement result. The sensor also provides information on the immersion situation of the electrode rod in the medium by means of a second, patent-pending measurement system. This system analyzes electrical resonance properties to detect foam and suppress it in the results, and to reliably prevent erroneous measurements due to adhesions. NEGELE MESSTECHNIK GMBH Raiffeisenweg 7 87743 Egg an der Guenz Function principle Tech. Support: Phone +49 (0) 83 33 .

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Specification | Additional Information Specification * For homogenous media at constant temperature Ohmic resistance Max. ohmic resistance [Q] at supply voltage [V]

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Conventional usage ■ Not suitable for applications in explosive areas. ■ Not suitable for applications in security-relevant equipment (SIL). Rod diameter is depending on rod length (EL). For exact diameter see adjoining chart. Varivent® dimensional table Tri-Clamp diameter Note: The NSL-M is also available in a curved version. See Product Information NSL-M-01.

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Connection of programming adapter MPI-200 1 1: External power supply via M12-plug (optional) 2: USB port for connection to PC incl. power supply if not supplied external 3: Connection cable to NSL-sensor Signal flow while parametrization NSL-M Measured value acquisition Connected internal Negele interface NSL-M Sensor Configuration software Using the PC based software and the programming adaptor MPI-200 the following NSL-M parameters can be adjusted or changed in situ (with vessel) or alternatively on the bench (in simulaton mode): e.g. 4...20 mA Signal · Level for (4 / 20) mA output signal...

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Note ·· A list of the parameter settings in the level switch is supplied with the device. These parameter settings and those changed by the user can be printed out in the software using the MPI-200 programming adapter. ·· When making settings, note the help texts in the MPI software. They provide useful information on changing the selected parameter. The default setting of the NSL-M level switch is for operation with aqueous media without requiring special adjustments. In exceptional cases involving highly critical media or special tank contours (with internal structures such as a pipe), it...

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Adjustment to built-in components in vessel Vessel with built-in components Setup Menue NSL-M Level Measurement Dry Run Detection Dry Run Calibration By pressing the button "System parameter suggestion" Ml a self test will be executed. Confirm this value by saving. System parameter suggestion To generate the system parameter suggestion, there should be no media in the vessel. No outdoor storage Dry and dust free Not exposed to corrosive media Protected against solar radiation Avoiding mechanical shock and vibration Storage temperature -40...+85 °C Relative humidity maximum 98 % Sensors and...

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Product Information NSL-M-00 Order code NSL-M- (Potentiometric level sensor for food application, 2-wire technology) Design for food and beverage 00 (standard, straight version, maximum length EL = 3000 mm) Rod lenght EL, choose length in a 10 mm raster, e.g.: 0220, 0230, 0240 etc., max length 3000 mm. (intermediate sizes in 1-mm steps on request.) 50...3000 (material 1.4404) Rod diameter 06    (0 6 mm, up to rod length 199 mm) Material certificate 0 (no certificate, standard) Z (with 3.1 material certificate for 1.4404) Installation position 0    (installation from top) U    (installation...

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