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FTS-141P Pharma Flow Switch Tri-Clamp Flow Sensors

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SENSORS FOR FOOD AND BIOPHARMA. Product Information FTS-Series Calorimetric Flow Switch FTS-141, FTS-741 Range of applications ·· Monitoring of flowing liquids in pipes ·· The monitor can be used to measure liquids that are aqueous (water content ≥ 50 %), that do not contain oil and that have a medium temperature up to 100 °C (212 °F) Application examples ·· Flow monitoring in pipes from DN 25, e.g., as dry-run protection or for monitoring filters, agitators or cooling loops ·· Also suitable for highly pure, aqueous media without particles or solids (e.g. ultra-filtered media, cola) Hygienic design/Process connection ·· Use of Negele weld-in sleeve EMS-132 or build-in system EHG-.../1/2" results in a hygienic installation situation that is free of gaps and dead space and is easy to sterilize. ·· Conforming to 3-A Sanitary Standard 74-06 with DIRECTadapt ·· EHEDG compilant hygienic design with CLEANadapt process connection ·· CIP-/SIP-cleaning up to 140 °C (284 °F) for 60 minutes max. ·· All materials in contact with the product have FDA approval ·· Sensor completely made of stainless steel ·· Further process connections available through CLEANadapt Features ·· Calorimetric measurement principle with pulsed heating ·· Flow-optimized geometry of sensor tip ·· Insensitive to temperature shocks, short response time ·· Integrated sensor protection through automated switch-off at overtemperature T > 100 °C (212 °F) ·· Display of flow rate in % of measurement range and signaling of switch output ·· Adjustable switch output in % of flow rate ·· Behavior of PNP switch output can be changed ·· Adjustment of switch output behavior when switching off due to overtemperature T > 100 °C (212 °F) Options/Accessories ·· Preassembl

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Functionsal Principle | Specification Functional principle The functional principle of the FTS calorimetric flow monitor is based on a temperature sensor mounted on the sensor tip (1) that is periodically heated by a heating element (2). When the medium is stationary, a constant temperature difference AT arises between the heated and unheated state. When the medium flows, heat energy is withdrawn from the heated temperature sensor and the temperature difference changes in relation to the flow rate. In contrast to designs with two separate temperature sensors, of which one is constantly...

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Advices | Dimensional Drawings The following media can be measured: aqueous liquids (water content > 50 %) and liquids that do not contain oil, such as water, milk, beer, fruit juice, CIP media, etc. Gases, oils and media containing oil cannot be measured with the FTS. Flow monitor FTS has an integrated self-protection mechanism that prevents damage: At medium temperatures over 100 °C (212 °F), the sensor is automatically switched off with a hysteresis of 5 °C. Three lines appear on the indicator. Intended use ■ Not suitable for applications in potentially explosive areas. ■ Not suitable...

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Electrical Connection | Operation Display view Electrical connection FTS 1: + power supply 2: Not assigned 3: - power supply (GND) 4: Switch output active 1. Startup ■ Install the FTS and make the electric connection ■ During the initialization phase of 20 s, the device flashes”888" ■ At overtemperature T > 100 °C (212 °F), "---" is displayed ■ Display of flow rate as % of measurement range, signaling of switch output with LED ■ Factory Setting ■ Switch is activated at a flow rate of 40% of measurement range (SP = 40) ■ Definition of switch output: active (0-C = n.o.) ■ The switch output is...

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Installation FTS-141 Setpoint by Line Size and Velocity ■ Only the FTS-741 is suitable for applications requiring 3-A compliant equipment. ■ The sensors are designed for CIP-/ SIP-cleaning. Maximum 140 °C (284 °F) / 60 min. ■ Only with 3-A conforming Tri-Clamp connection. ■ Mounting position must allow for self draining to be in accordance to current 3-A Sanitary Standard. The Flow Switch FTS-741 is specially designed to work with pipe Ts that have a short extract.

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FOOD Transport/storage ·· Do not store outside ·· Store in an area that is dry and dust-free ·· Do not expose to corrosive media ·· Protect against solar radiation ·· Avoid mechanical shock and vibration ·· Storage temperature 0...40 °C (104 °F) ·· Relative humidity max. 80 % Applicable directives: ·· Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EC ·· The CE label confirms compliance of this product with the applicable EC directives. ·· You have to guarantee the compliance of all guidelines applicable for the entire equipement. ·· This instrument is not subject to the WEEE directive...

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Additional Information Conversion table m/s to l/min

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Product Information FTS-Series Order code CLEANadapt G1/2" process connection FTS-141 Calorimetric Flow Sensor with switch output, CLEANadapt G1/2" process connection Cap X    (Plastic without window) P    (Plastic with control window) M    (Metal without control window) W    (Metal with control window) Order code DIRECTadapt FTS-741 Calorimetric Flow Sensor with switch output, Tri-Clamp process connection Cap X    (Plastic without window) P    (Plastic with control window) M    (Metal without control window) W    (Metal with control window) Surface finish XX (0.8 microns / 0.8 pm) T I...

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