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Conductive Multilevel Sensor

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SENSORS FOR FOOD AND BIOPHARMA. Conductive Multilevel Sensor Application/intended use ·· Point level measurement in aqueous, conductive media in tanks and pipes with minimum conductivity. The conductivity depends on the evaluation device: 1 μS/cm when using external evaluation units, e.g. VNV series or ZNV-Z, and 10 μS/cm when using the internal level transmitter MNV-1C. Application examples ·· Empty/full indication in tanks ·· Level control in tanks ·· Overfill protection in dosing systems Hygienic design/process connection (NVS-345 and NVS-50 only) ·· Hygienic and easy-to-sterilize measuring point (EHEDG certification, 3-A certificates) ·· Elastomer-free sealing system for gap-free sensor installation without dead space ·· CIP/SIP cleaning up to 143 °C/120 min ·· Sensor made entirely of stainless steel and PEEK; PFA coating ·· Adapters for all standard process connections ·· Product-contacting parts are compliant with EU Regulation 10/2011 and FDA (NVS-345 and NVS-50) ·· Conformity with 3-A standard (NVS-345 only) Special features/advantages ·· Defined position of the cable entry (NVS-345 only) ·· Available with or without an integrated level transmitter MNV-1C ·· Choice of different electrical connections ·· Electrodes can be shortened and bent as required Options/accessories ·· Version with rope electrodes available (NVS-110.SEIL) Selection of the right sensor type Coating: For foamy, adhesive (e.g. yogurt) and/or wetting media (e.g. alkaline solutions), we suggest using a sensor with a coated electrode. Sensors with an uncoated electrode are recommended for aqueous, non-adhesive and non-wetting media. If rod lengths are greater than 500 mm, the coated version should be used since the electrodes may come into contact with each other

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Technical data Technical data *) When using the integrated level transmitter MNV-lC, please note the temperatures specified below in the technical data of the level transmitter.

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Electrical connection Explanation of switching states Full indicator:    The output is active when immersed Empty indicator:    The output is active when not immersed Configuration of level transmitter MNV-lC sensitivity 0.1 kO sensitivity 1 kO General setup procedure ■ If necessary, cut the electrodes to the required lengths. In doing so, ensure that the compound between the rod and the thread connector is not strained excessively. If using coated electrodes, do not damage the insulation of the rod part that remains on the sensor. ■ Strip 5 mm of insulation off the tip of insulated rods. ■...

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Dimensional drawings This sensor does not conform to hygienic requirements. This sensor does not conform to hygienic requirements. This sensor does not conform to hygienic requirements. This sensor does not conform to hygienic requirements.

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Requirements for a measuring point compliant with the 3-A Sanitary Standard 74-06 ·· The sensors of the NVS-345 series conform to the 3-A Sanitary Standard. ·· The sensors are designed for CIP/SIP cleaning at a maximum temperature of 143 °C for 120 minutes. ·· Only approved in combination with the CLEANadapt build-in system (EMZ, EMK, EHG with pipe diameters >DN25, ISO 20 and 1", adapters AMC and AMV). ·· When using the EMZ and EMK weld-in sleeves, the weld must comply with the requirements of the current 3-A Sanitary Standard. ·· Mounting position: The mounting position, self-draining...

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Order code for rope sensors Order code X (without) M (integrated in the head; only for 2 electrodes) Open circuit alarm (only possible with external evaluation unit) X    (without) D    (with open circuit resistance, only possible Electrical connection X    (cable gland M16x1.5)

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FOOD Order code for standard multilevel sensors (Head diameter 55mm of stainless steel with CLEANadapt Gl" hygienic process connection) (Head diameter 55mm of plastic with Gl" process connection) (Head diameter 55mm of plastic with Gl%" process connection) (Head diameter 55mm of stainless steelwith dairyflange DN50asper DIN11851) (uncoated 200mm, diameter 4 mm) (uncoated 200 mm, diameter 8 mm) (coated 200 mm, diameter 4 mm) (coated 200 mm, diameter 8 mm) (uncoated 500 mm, diameter 4 mm) (uncoated 500 mm, diameter 8 mm) (coated 500 mm, diameter 4 mm) (coated 500 mm, diameter 8 mm) (uncoated...

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FOOD Accessories Instead of the integrated level transmitter, standard multilevel sensors can also be used with external devices for installation on DIN rails, for example. The full selection of external evaluation units, the technical data and the order code can be found in the „Evaluation units for conductive multilevel sensors“ product information. Overview of the evaluation units for conductive multilevel sensors for DIN-rail installation Advice For level measurement according to German Water Management Act, please use the separate product information NVS-146.w, NVS-116.2w, NVS-345.2w....

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