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CM SATURN TRANSiENT RECORDERFAST MEASUREMENTS SATURN Transient Recorders are modular measurement instruments, available from small portable systems up to 19” mainframes. Individually equipped with different numbers of channels, sampling rates and numerous special features they are ideally suited for a wide range of applications. • Modular industrial system platform • Broad selection of sample rates 200kS/s ... 200MS/s ... 2GS/s • 1 ... 240 channels, expandable • Optional fiber-optic channels for isolation and distributed systems • Precision in-system clock source • Industrial PC for stand-alone operation or remote control via LAN • Operating modes: Transient, Streaming, Segmentation • Easy-to-use operating software optimized for large amounts of data • Powerful analysis and reporting • Time-saving task automation The FlatSaturn displayed above is the most compact housing option with up to 16 (BNC) or 48 (SMB) channels at different sampling rates. The small and rugged design makes it a popular portable instrument.

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HIGH PRECISION ANALOG TO DIGITAL Depending on the application the SATURN systems are equipped with specialized input or output modules. Data acquisition (ADC) modules with different sample rates or digital inputs can be combined in one SATURN System to meet individual requirements. Analog and digital outputs can be installed in parallel for playback or arbitrary function generation (AFG) and digital pattern control (Sequence Timer). The following specification provides a brief ADC module overview, further types as well as customer-specific adaptations are available on request. GENERAL...

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ADC 100M-14 BNC Inputs and sample rate 1 channel, BNC up to 10ns/pt (100 MS/s) Resolution and bandwidth 14bit @ 50 MHz @ -3dB (adaptive anti aliasing) Acquisition time ~19 sec. @ 100 MS/s ADC 200M-16 BNC Inputs and sample rate 1 channel, BNC up to 5ns/pt (200 MS/s) Resolution and bandwidth 16bit @ 100 MHz @ -3dB (adaptive anti aliasing) Acquisition time with 4 GB memory ~9 sec. @ 200 MS/s ADC 2G-10 Inputs 4 / 2 channels, diff. or single ended, MCX / BNC Sample rate 2 channels maximum up to 0.5 ns/pt (2 GS/s) 4 channels maximum up to 1 ns/pt (1 GS/s) Bandwidth ~700 / 500 MHz @ -3dB...

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co D PROBES Or ISOLATION AND LONG DISTANCE up to 10ns/pt (100 MS/s) up to 40ns/pt (25 MS/s) 1 second/pt (1 S/s) 100 MS/s Satellite 100M-14-F Inputs 1 channel, diff. or single ended, BNC Sample rate 1 channel maximum up to 10ns/pt (100 MS/s) Minimum 1 second/pt (1 S/s) Bandwidth 50 MHz @ -3dB (adaptive anti aliasing) Vertical resolution 14 bit (higher with EBR option) Acquisition time with 4GB memory ~19 sec. @ 100 MS/s Satellite 100M-14-4-F Inputs 4 / 1 channel, diff. or single ended, BNC Sample rate 1 channel maximum 4 channels maximum Minimum Total sample rate Bandwidth 12.5 / 50 MHz @...

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Satellite Options & Accessories Channel count 1, 4 or 8 analog channels inside one Satellite Expandable with digital channels Fiber types Single Mode (9/125p) or Multi Mode (50/125p) Standard LC connectors Industrial style sealed metal connector (Multi-Link cables, fiber patch boxes, 19" fiber patch panels and cable drums available) Protection Triple Shielding, optimized for strong electric and magnetic field disturbance Accessories and Options Larger housing for 2x battery and extension slot 1 / 2 channel "Rogowski Coil" integration AirPower supply with backup battery Satellite Overview *...

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ul h powerf face wit ter ripting in sc system control & analysis software SATURN Studio II is the versatile software solution for hardware configuration, measurement control and data display. It includes powerful analysis and flexible reporting for test labs in research and industry. • Measurement modes: Transient, Loop, Streaming (option), Segmentation (option) • Table style configuration grants perfect overview • Project management with user specific archive and path generator • Integrated sensor data base • Live monitor display: analog, digital, gauge, bargraph etc. • 20 view windows, up...

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Loop mode The fully automatic analysis and reporting mode configures the system based on a configuration template and arms the channels. With each trigger a new test starts. Manual stop or the loop countdown finishes the test cycles. Scripting language (option) The powerful scripting interface enables users to automate complex analysis and control tasks. Multiple graphical windows, buttons and selection boxes, etc. allow the programming of comfortable user interfaces with hundreds of standard and special commands in a professional programming environment with syntax highlighting. Accurate...

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saturn Family GalLery Get in contact for taylor made solutions! Roermonder Strasse 594 52072 Aachen Germany Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. © AMOtronics

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