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SATURN N£* SEQUENCE TiMER M 0\ PRECISE TEST CONTROL If If' 'fuuo I jf.wo 1 ■f j I I~"'* The Sequence Timer family from AMOtronics is a scalable real-time test control system. It allows precise and reliable control of test facilities and units under test. The NEW Cycle Timer and Pattern Generator Software offer both, easy-to-use graphical configuration and, if needed, flexible individual programming. Electrical testing laboratories at any voltage level benefit from the precise timing and fail-save design. A selection of high power output modules with RELAY, MOSFET or IGBT switches support a wide range of typical requirements. Modular hardware platform 8..192 channels Internal real-time ions clock source Synchronization to generator frequencv for rotating applications Electrical or iber-optic channels Safe operation via configurable Qualifier Inputs and Security Loop Optional high power output modules: RELAY, MOSFET or IGBT Easy-to-use Cycle Timer software Flexible programming interface Optional Remote Control

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AMOtronics - SATURN Digital Test Sequencer / Timer - 2

ECTIONS INPUTS AND OUTPUTS With the scalable SATURN Sequence Timer family the development of a modern and reliable versatile instrument for a broad range of applications succeeded. The new Sequence Timer offers a set of extra ordinary features. It is available as a stand-alone device or integrated into a SATURN Transient Recorder System to allow parallel recording and analysis of measurement and control channels. KEY FEATURES • 8..192 Inputs / Outputs to precisely control tests from small to large scale • Up to 64 channels in main chassis • Plus up to 128 additional channels in...

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Selectable fiber-optic or electrical input panels and the software configurable functions allow manifold combinations for flexible use. • Qualifier & Marker signals can be defined and combined with logic functions (AND/ OR) to initiate the Sequence Timer START procedure, optionally protected with final user confirmation. • The dedicated SECURITY LOOP input is a mandatory input to be closed for operation. • Digital inputs offer precise synchronization to generator rotation with variable pulse count sensors at various frequencies. • Common data acquisition of digital control inputs/outputs...

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iCATION ISOLATION AND LONG DISTANCES Signal Conversion Boxes for Signal Input and Control Output A set of conversion boxes, powered via battery or 5VDC, convert optical fiber signals into electrical switching signals or vice versa. The >24V tolerant BNC inputs forward signals (e.g. from a SPS) via fiber to the Sequence Timer qualifier or marker inputs. The electrical 3.3V TTL outputs can be used for instance to trigger oscilloscopes, high-speed cameras, radar flashes or any other equipment. For interfacing electrical signals to optical inputs or outputs of the Sequence Timer AMOtronics...

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tical ue Op rix Uniq Mat itching Sw KEY FEATURES • Minimized installation effort and reduced cable costs • Software controlled routing for highspeed fiber links (2GBit/s) • Synchronous de-multiplexing of 64 individual Sequence Timer control signals from one SATURN fiber • Selectable connections between Control Rooms and Test Cells. • Supports both, links to Sequence Timer (control) as well as SATURN Satellites (data acquisition) Fiber optic matrix routing for vast test areas In large test sites and for distributed setups installing individual fiber cables per signal is a challenge....

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AMOtronics - SATURN Digital Test Sequencer / Timer - 6

CYCLE TIMERGRAPHICAL CONFIGURATION SOFTWARE The Sequencer is configured and controlled by means of the SEQUENCER - CYCLE TIMER software. The software provides a comfortable graphical user interface. It allows to easily adjust the main options of the Sequencer, interactively generate the required signal output patterns, download the complete configuration onto the Real-Time Sequencer Processor Unit as well as observe and control the program execution. Internal Clock Mode In this mode the generated output patterns are strictly time-based. The SATURN Sequencer offers a high precision internal...

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l :\C!¥iI Fi.FHmplr.iM .STlMIIL ATF SAVE J SAVF AS ] FXFflttT j fjQHTROl | QPIMWS [ CHAHNFL ‘ TTT1 F lumpl* f’einflqwjrtinn ARBWARE IEST MODE I GuT D SAC LI E> IlKim .’IKlrr sfflhn 4lXlm iixlrn fsXim .i.flm HlHlm 'itMlm The Pattern Generator provides an alternative software interface for flexible programming. A set of simple control commands enables the user to program complex pattern sequences with TRIGGERS, LOOPS, JUMPS and COUNTERS as well as BREAK conditions. This flexibility allows to solve even challenging control tasks. With a single mouse click the software compiles the user-defined...

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AMOtronics - SATURN Digital Test Sequencer / Timer - 8

sequNce tFAMILY GALLERY Flat Fiber to electrical or vice versa Get in contact for taylor made solutions! Ob ironies Roermonder Strasse 594 52072 Aachen Germany Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. © AMOtronics

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