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ta3000 Gas Analyzers Trace Level Gas Monitoring for Bulk Gas, Environmental and Research Laboratory Applications Detects CO2, Methane and NonMethane Hydrocarbons FID (Flame Ionization Detector) * Detection limits may vary with each application ► Cost efficient maintenance and operation ► Best value and performance ► Expandable with Multipoint Stream Selector Tradition of Excellence Following a tradition of excellence in trace level gas detection, the ta3000 delivers analytical solutions for environmental monitoring, industrial process control and high purity gas monitoring applications. The ta3000 is equipped with an internal sample processing channel followed by either a Reduction Gas Detector (RGD) or Flame Ionization Detector (FID). The RGD configuration is a worldwide standard for determination of hydrogen and carbon monoxide in air research, environmental samples, process control and bulk gas purification facilities. The RGD is also used as an ambient air monitor for unsaturated hydrocarbons such as isoprene, ethylene or ethylene oxide. The FID configuration is widely used for determination of CO2, methane and non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHC) in ambient air, water headspace, bulk gases or process gas streams. Figure 1. Propylene sample with trace level of H2 and CO Detects H2, CO and Unsaturated Hydrocarbons ► Broad detection range Ethylene several hundred ppb The Trace Analytical™ ta3000 series, manufactured by AMETEK Process Instruments, is a family of instruments designed to monitor trace levels of specific impurities in bulk gases, environmental applications and research applications. All ta3000 instruments include a dedicated sample processing system, a single high sensitivity detector, and on-board analysis electronics. There are two models of ta3000. Containing a different detector, each model is used to monitor a different selection of impurities. TRACE ANALYTICAL

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Advanced Detector Technology The ta3000 Gas Analyzer is an isothermal gas chromatograph configured with either a Reduction Gas Detector or Flame Ionization Detector. The chromatographic hardware of the ta3000 is available in several configurations, each of which enables the instrument to perform a highly specialized task. The RGD has unique characteristics when compared to traditional gas chromatography detectors. Developed and patented by Trace Analytical, the RGD can selectively detect “reducing” compounds. The operating principle of the RGD is based upon the strong absorption of UV light...

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ta3000R RGD Specifications Every Trace Analytical™ ta3000R includes: an on-board electronic pressure regulator, multipoint diaphragm valve, proven chromatography, and Reduction Gas Detector (RGD). Lower detection limits may vary depending on application. Contact AMETEK Process Instruments for information about your specific application. Not all models and applications are listed below.

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Every Trace Analytical™ ta3000F includes: an on-board electronic pressure regulator, multipoint diaphragm valve, proven chromatography, and Flame Ionization Detector (FID). Lower detection limits may vary depending on application. Contact AMETEK Process Instruments for information about your specific application. Not all models and applications are listed below. Applications Bulk Gas: Inerts Bulk Gas: Oxygen, Inerts, or Air Bulk Gas: Hydrogen Water Headspace Air Sampling Hydrogen (CO Only) Performance Precision Accuracy Range Response Time Ambient Operating Temperature Sample...

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