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Product Guide DC Motors for precise motion applications

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This document is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as a binding description of the products or their performance in all applications. The performance data shown depicts typical performance under controlled laboratory conditions. Actual performance will vary depending on the operating environment and application. AMETEK reserves the right to revise its products without notification. The noted characteristics represent standard products. For products designed to meet specific applications, contact Pittman Motor Sales Department. This catalog was produced for...

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Pittman Motors We offer a full line of DC Brush and Brushless Motors with various power ratings, sizes, lengths and options to meet most motion applications. In addition, optional components such as encoders, brakes and gearboxes are available. Pittman Motors can be further customized to include unique motor windings, special wire harnesses, EMI/RFI suppression, shaft modifications, custom output devices (such as pinions and worm gears), and other value-added features to help streamline and simplify your product design and manufacturing. "^Instrument Grade Motors For applications that...

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Integrated Controllers Brushless DC Motors Pittman Integrated Brushless DC Motor/Drive Packages simplify the installation and use of a brushless motor. Interconnection cabling, set up, noise and compatibility issues are nearly eliminated. Ideal for variable speed control applications. • Designed with a wide range of voltage inputs, power outputs, gearboxes and mounting configurations The EC044A can be directly operated with a 12 or 24 VDC supply. The EC083A uses a standard 120 VAC input and a Pittman control panel to provide smooth, quiet and efficient operation over a wide range of speeds....

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Slotless, Brushless DC Motors Slotless Brushless DC Motors Pittman Slotless Brushless DC Motors offer many advantages over conventional slotted stator construction. Negligible magnetic cogging provides improved servo efficiency and enables extremely smooth, quiet motion. Low inductance and high current bandwidth provides precise control. Slotless construction also provides excellent winding heat transfer for high thermal efficiency and transient load capacity. • Internal Hall Effect feedback sensors for linear speed-torque characteristics, high starting torque and variable speed control...

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Spur and Planetary Gearboxes Available in diameters from 22 to 75mm, our Spur and Planetary Gearboxes offer the most cost effective solutions to maximize torque and optimize machine performance. • Multiple configurations: sintered, cut steel, wide face or plastic gears, ball or sintered bearings, custom outputs and special lubrication

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Brakes Power off, fail safe holding brakes compliment our motor product line. When voltage is applied, the friction disk is released allowing the motor shaft to rotate. Pittman Power-Off Brakes are best suited for parking brake applications used to hold a load in position, and are ideal for creating brake motor packages for small frame servo and stepper motors. Programmable Brushless Motor Drives Our Haydon Kerk® Motion Solutions and Dunkermotoren® brands of brushless controllers are available in many configurations from simple analog controlled single quadrant drives to fully programmable...

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