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Corrosion-Reistant And Sanitary Blowers

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CORROSION-RESISTANT AND SANITARY BLOWERS Die-Hard Air Blowers for Specialty Uses Your Choice. Our Commitment.TM CorrosionResistant BlowerGrades: Environmental Grade Marine Duty Grade Transfer of concentrated hydrogen sulfate & methane gases from ground, lagoons, anaerobic digesters, biofilters and venting processes. Provides resistance to salt damage and far exceeds MIL-A-8625C and Coast Guard spec #259, and meets IEEE #45 for waterproof operation. Chemical Processing Grade Landfill Grade Chem-Tough™ blowers resist impact of an array of chemicals. Used in vent header off-gassing, spot source, and scrubber applications. Extraction of hydrogen sulfide & methane gases from clean sites or multiple unknown chemicals from hazardous locations. Food Processing Grade Pharmaceutical Grade Food-Tough™ blowers, approved by the FDA, assist in venting of sterilization gases and provide contamination-free cleaning and filling air flow. Provides sanitary air flow for ventilation and cleaning during powder and liquid product preparation. ContaminationFree Sanitary BlowerGrades:

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Chem-Tough™ and Food-Tough™ Chemical Resistance To stand up in corrosive and hazardous environments, chemical processing blowers have to be tough. That’s why EG&G Rotron routinely applies Chem-Tough™, Rotron’s engineered and proprietary process, whenever it builds blowers for handling chemical (vapor) streams. Chem-Tough™ combines the advantages of aluminum oxide ceramic and selected fluorocarbons to give Rotron blowers unheard-of levels of chemical resistance, hardness, abrasion resistance, permanent lubricity and more. CHEM-TOUGH™ BRINGS YOU THE ROTRON ADVANTAGE Through this unique...

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ducing Intro Stainless Steel and Hastelloy Typical Sealing Options: While Rotron’s Chem-Tough™ and Food-Tough™ products can handle the vast majority of hazardous duty applications, occassionally customers require the ultimate in high level purity in aggressive gas and chemical environments, and rely on these Stainless Steel and Hastelloy blowers and components for the highest reliability and safety. These product offerings are another example of Rotron’s committment to respond to customer and market requirements. For additional information, contact your Rotron Field Sales Engineer. LO-LEAK™...

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CORROSION-RESISTANT AND SANITARY BLOWERS PRESSURE AND SUCTION PRESSURE AND SUCTION AIR AIR PERFORMANCE CURVES PERFORMANCE Hz data available on request.) CURVES (Shown for 60 Hz; 50 Motor Options: 500 600 FLOW RATE – SCFM Rotron strives to provide the most complete variety of desired options on our products, including on our motors. By using motor vendors of high quality and versatility, we can provide motor features from multiple-released designs to meet your needs (i.e., a Chem Processing Inverter Duty Explosion-proof motor with space heaters and drains wound for 380 V-50 Hz service)....

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