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SupaSpun II Absolute Rated Depth Cartridge SupaSpun II precision graded density filter elements are a further development of our already well proven absolute rated depth type filter. These high performance cartridges excel in dirt holding capacity and give extremely low clean pressure losses as a result of the strictly controlled manufacturing of the fibre matrix. SupaSpun II filter cartridges are produced using an improved manufacturing process resulting in the following features:-Absolute Rated Filter Media • Available from 0.3 to 180pm • Consistent reliable performance Unique Construction • One piece high strength support core • High void volume, resulting in low clean Ap and excellent dirt holding capacity • End cap welded direct to the core for extra security and strength • Thermally bonded fibre matrix minimises fibre migration • One piece construction up to 1524mm (60") • SupaSpun II Advantage grade featuring moulded end caps and rigid outer support cage • Optional glass filled core and end caps for high strength / temperature applications Product Features • 100% polypropylene or nylon 6 • Materials meet US FDA Title 21 and USP Class VI requirements (PP Only) • Meets the requirements for food contact as detailed in European Regulation (EC) Number 1935/2004 (PP Only) SupaSpun II fibres are blown continuously onto a central support core, with fibre diameters controlled to produce different pore sizes throughout the extrusion process. All the layers are inter-linked to offer maximum support while ensuring that the high void volume is maintained, but with increasing fibre density towards the cartridge central core - therefore resulting in true depth filtration. Elements are available up to 1524mm (60") in length, either double open ended or with most common end cap fittings. • Absolute removal ratings for consistent and reliable performance • Graded density structure for maximum dirt holding capacity • Increased void volume giving high flow rates and low initial pressure losses • Wide chemical compatibility using optional materials, polypropylene and nylon 6 • Range of Absolute ratings from 0.3 to 180pm (Beta Ratio 5000) • Thermal bonding process minimises media migration and ensures minimal extractables • Identification data embossed on every cartridge • Advantage grade featuring moulded end caps and rigid outer support cage Industries and Food and Beverage • Bottled water, Beers, Wines, Flavours, Polishing lines, Clarification Membrane pre-filtration, Opthalmics, Oral medications Polymers, Photoresists, Acids, Bases, Solvents High purity water, Photoresists, Acids, Etch solutions Alcohol, Creams, Lotions, Essential oils, Mouthwashes Plating solutions, Wash solutions, Paints, Resins, Varnishes Potable water, Resin trap, Pre/Post UV, Membrane protection Blanking wash oils, Electrophoretic paints, Top Coats, Hydraulic fluids Amine stream, Glycol solutions, Water injection and Membrane prote

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SupaSpun II Technical Data Dimensions PP NN Outside Diameter: 64mm 64mm Core Diameter: 28mm 27mm Flow Rates For Water (10” PP Element) Pressure Loss (mbar) Sterilisation and Sanitisation*1 Steam: 121ºC for 15 mins (20 Cycles) 135ºC for 30 mins (5 Cycles) Hot Water: 90ºC for 30 mins (0.2 bar ∆p max) *1 Applies to single open end cartridges only. For all steaming and hot water applications, the Glass Filled end cap option must be used (PP Only) Flow Rates (lt/min) Recommended change-out differential pressure: 2.5 Bar Maximum ∆p PP Media GFPP Core Nylon Media Nylon Core PP Media St.St Core...

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