Laboratory Supplies for the Dairy Lab 2017 - 148 Pages

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Laboratory Supplies for the Dairy Lab 2017

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laboratory supplies for dairy analysis consumables

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Dear Customers, in 2014 Altmann Analytik aquired the company Dinkelberg analytics, who has been at home in the dairy industry for decades. As a result we have become one of the leading suppliers for dairies and food labs in Germany. Now, after more than 15 years, you finally hold the all-new edition of the proven dairy catalogue in your hands. In this catalogue you will find our selection of the most used and proven equipment and consumables for the milk analysis. We combine the strengths of both companies to offer our clients in the field of milk analysis the best solutions and...

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Highlights culture media by merck p. 11 Here you can find a wide selection of high-quality nutrient media from Merck. The drying media and media of the manufacturer are easy to use and offer optimal conditions for breeding bacterial cultures. incubators by dinkelberg analytics p. 30 Dinkelberg analytics has been offering high-quality incubators for laboratories for many years. The devices are ideal for the cultivation of different bacterial and yeast cultures and are supplied with stainless steel culture vessels as well as a lid and stirrer. rapid tests p. 44 Rapid tests are used for the...

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cream and milk syringes exchange p. 82 We offer you a cheap and fast repair service for your cream and milk syringes. Take advantage of our reliable syringe exchange and get a repaired syringe shortly. water baths by dinkelberg analytics p. 116 The water baths by Dinkelberg analytics, which have been used and tested for many decades, received a new, safe control unit in 2015. Take a look at the long durability, the excellent thermal insulation and the flexible design of these lab devices. chromatography columns and accessories As a specialist in chromatography we offer you suitable...

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culture media 1. Microbiology In the field of microbiology, users are investigating the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. Numerous microbiological applications are used in the dairy industry for the analysis of milk products (milk powder, yoghurt, cheese or milk). 1.1 Culture media Microbiological culture media are used to detect microorganisms on surfaces and in sample material. In the following you can find a selection of nutrient media and media with different ingredients or characteristics for your laboratory applications. dry culture media and media In the...

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CULTURE MEDIA page 13 You can find prices and many more products at

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CULTURE MEDIA 1.1 SUPPLEMENTS FOR CULTURE MEDIA The high-quality supplements from Merck are required for the isolation of microorganisms, for example. The freeze-dried selective media guarantee a solid and standardized preparation of numerous media with user-friendly handling. The supplements are used in the microbiological laboratory for a variety of applications. Each tube gives 500 ml of culture medium.

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READY-TO-USE CULTURE MEDIA The use of ready-to-use culture media reduces the workload and ensures reproducibility since production is consistent batch by batch. MC1024480060 Readybag® Buffered Peptone Water 5.7 g irradiated For 25 g    60    bag of food sample in 1:10 dilution MC1009080001    Readybag® Buffered Peptone Water 86 g irradiated For 375 g    35    bag of food sample in 1:10 dilution MC1024490060    Readybag Half Fraser Broth 12.5 g irradiated For 25 g    60    bag of food sample in 1:10 dilution MC1018650001    Readybag® Half Fraser Broth 62 g irradiated For 125 g    35    bag...

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CULTURE MEDIA 1.1 DIPSLIDES Here we offer dip slides (substrates with a culture medium in tubes) for surfaces and liquids of Merck. Impact plates can be found within the framework of HACCP (Hazardous Analytical Critical Controlpoints) widely used for the examination of critical control points in the microbiological hygiene control of surfaces in production lines and equipment. The immersion culture media can also be used for testing the microbiological hygienic status of liquids. The variety of media on the plates allows the detection of many organisms. The simple incubation in...

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In addition to culture media lab users also need a variety of consumables for testing microorganisms, including e.g. petri dishes, sterile Ringer‘s solution or Ringer tablets. In the following you will find a variety of lab tools from different manufacturers. PETRI DISHES The petri dishes are made of heat resistant polystyrene and are therefore very suitable for working with hot agar. Petri dishes with ventilation cams are suitable for the better gas exchange - those without aeration cam for long incubation times. page 17 You can find prices and many more products at...

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We offer disposable inoculation eyelets as well as reusable stainless steel products in various sizes with matching inoculation loops. For the stainless steel eyelets, we recommend the Schuett Biotec inoculation eyelet annealer. SE5082218 (Drigalski) sterilized spatula, length x spatula 5 mm 1    piece Dinkelberg width x rod diameter: 160x48x5 mm    analytics SE5082219    (Drigalski) sterilized spatula, length x spatula    5 mm    1    piece    Dinkelberg width x rod diameter: 170x60x5 mm    analytics SU3686362    Inoculating    loop holder 1 based on Kolle,    1    piece    Schuett Biotec...

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