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Industrial Labelling Machinery Made in Italy

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ALTECH ALTECH Advanced Labelling Technologies Advanced Labelling Technologies We are an Italian company, founded in 1991, who designs and manufactures industrial labelling machines and material identication systems. Recognised innovators in the identication, coding and traceability of materials, we operate worldwide through 80 resellers and three subsidiary companies in the United Kingdom, the United States and Argentina. Our strengths Expert personnel with a true passion for engineering Machines and systems designed to be modular and expandable; all components are accessible and...

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Label applicators Every day, the labelling machines built by ALTECH are used in over 50 countries, in multinationals, big companies and SMEs mainly operating in the food & beverage, chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and component industries. ALstep is a compact, low-cost self-adhesive label applicator with solid and reliable mechanical components which can adapt to the most demanding industrial environments and particularly cramped spaces. The ALstep series is available in the following versions: S (max. label width 100 mm, speed 30 m/min); M (max. label width 200 mm, speed 20 m/min); E...

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Label applicators The high performance of ALritma self-adhesive labelling heads allows them also to be installed in very fast packaging lines. There are three versions available: S, M and L, for label widths up to 100, 200 and 300 mm, respectively. ALritma The applicator is controlled by microprocessor with a touchscreen display. The intuitive icons represent the various functions and provide advanced management, making it easier to adjust labelling parameters. These can be stored in order to speed up format changes. ALritma X ALritma X sets itself apart with its excellent performance in...

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Print & apply in real time ALcode print-apply systems for self-adhesive labels can interface with a computer and apply labels immediately after printing, in any position, on both stationary and moving products (also at high speeds). ALcode ALcode TS is a system with a separate control box housing a touchscreen panel controlling the label applicator's operational logic. ALcode LT low cost print-apply system that prints and applies labels in real time using the SATO LT 408 printing module. ALcode P ALcode P prints and applies large format (usually A5) labels to two consecutive pallet sides...

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Labelling Systems ALline in-line labelling systems can be congured for labelling cylindrical, elliptical and rectangular products, or for the labelling of fast-moving or irregularly–shaped products. ALline C ALline C is ideal for applying wraparound labels to cylindrical packages (plastic, glass or metal bottles, jars etc.) of food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. System performance reaches 300 pcs/min (depending on product dimensions and label size). ALline E applies one, two or more front/back labels to elliptical or rectangular products, in plastic, glass or metal...

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Pharmaceutical The ALpharma range is expressly designed for labelling and carefully checking medical vials, cases and bottles and adapts to the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The machines are tested and certied according to IQ/OQ validation processes. Vials ALpharma A is designed for labelling vials and small bottles; labelling is performed from tray to tray, 'in-the-star-wheel'. Speed up to 150 products/min. Luminescence sensors or camera to check that labelling has been correctly performed. Expulsion of rejected products with check that expulsion has occurred....

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Advanced Labelling Technologies

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