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SUPPLYING CLEAN AIR TO INDUSTRY tyisCM' MO DE L M66O Vertical Oil Mist Collector air* «uau-r I TϮie new M660from Air Quality Engineering Inc. s a sef-contained mdia air cleaning System designed for source capturing coolant mist applications in industry. The M660 can be ordered in three stage filtration which wiU effectively remove a brvad range of contaminants including mist smoke, soot, vapors, VOC's and more at a rate of up to 1675 cftn. m\moublitt doaininiif^iirie; Manufacture aid Worldwide Disitibutor ol Air Cleaning Systems for Over 25 Yea^s

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M660 FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS How It Works: Mist laden air enters the unit from ihe base where it turns upward 90° before entering the two aluminum mesh impingers, The aluminum mesh impingers screen out the large droplets from the airsteam before entering the primary filter, The primary filter condenses the remaining mist allowing the clean air to discharge from the top of the unit Condensed mist drains oui of the bottom ol the unit SPECIFICATIONS: DIMENSIONS: 847/ H x 27" Wx 267/ L WEIGHT: 360 Ibs. instaited weight 430 IbS- shippͮng weighl CABINET: 16 gauge wektetf steet cabinet wrth a...

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