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MODEL PORTA AIR™ Portable Cartridge System The Portable Cartridge System from Air Quality Engineering Inc. is a manually cleaned media air cleaner for use in intermittent duty source capture applications in industry. The Porta Air captures airborne contaminants such as welding smoke, grinding dust, plastic dust and other fine particles. Manufacturer and Worldwide Distributor of Air Cleaning Systems for Over 30 Years

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PORTA AIR™ FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS Principles of Operation: Airborne contaminants enter the Porta Air through the hood/arm assembly at a rate of 1100 cubic feet of air per minute (cfm). Heavy particles are propelled downward through the venturi and into the clean out trays . Small submicron particles are then trapped within the pleats of the two 99.8% efficient cartridge filters. The cleaned air is then gently diffused out the bottom of the unit. Replace filters when the differential pressure gage indicates that the cartridge filters are dirty. SPECIFICATIONS : DIMENSIONS: WEIGHT: ARM...

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