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aiR QUALITY GflGIflGGRiriG Tailored solutions from people who care Indoor Air Quality Solutions for Machining Applications MistBuster® source collection and MX-Series centralized filtration

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Air quality solutions from people who care Air Quality Engineering, Inc. is a personable, responsive and independently owned U.S.-based company with a single focus of providing indoor air quality solutions delivered with a unique commitment to customer care. Since 1973, we’ve applied our engineering expertise to the design and manufacture of highquality air cleaning systems. Air Quality Engineering, Inc.’s company-based and local air quality dealers and distributors, both in the U.S. and worldwide, work hard to understand your specific concerns and goals. We then recommend and deliver the...

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Solutions for Machining Applications Air cleaning systems that work for you At Air Quality Engineering, Inc. our goal is to tailor an indoor air cleaning system that provides solutions for your machining application problems. Our systems deliver these benefits: P rotect employees by reducing exposure to hazardous airborne mist, smoke and metal particles produced by industrial machining applications.1 C omply with indoor air quality standards and governmental regulations. Protect equipment. R educe maintenance and operation costs. M eet employee and customer expectations for a clean, healthy...

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MistBuster - 4

How electrostatic filtration works Electronic air cleaner systems use one or more permanent electronic collector cells or filters featuring electrostatic precipitation technology to collect and remove airborne mist, smoke and metal particles generated by machining applications. An electronic collector cell is composed of an ionizing or charging section and a collection section. Incoming contaminant particles pass through an intense ionization field in the charging section. The ionization causes the particles to lose electrons and acquire a positive electrical charge. In the collection...

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MistBuster - 5

MistBuster® Source Collection Highly efficient capture of harmful airborne contaminants Air Quality Engineering, Inc. designs and manufactures the MistBuster family of industrial air cleaning systems for the source capture of mist and smoke generated by today’s machine tools. The MistBuster product line is highly efficient at collecting and removing dangerous airborne machining application contaminants using electrostatic precipitation and/or media filtration technologies. Options include: disposable high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters; extended service filter (ESF) media...

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MistBuster - 6

MistBuster® Source Collection Airflow Variable to 500 CFM Variable to 850 CFM Variable to 850 CFM Variable to 1,650 CFM Variable to 500 CFM Variable to 1,000 CFM Primary Electrostatic Electrostatic Electrostatic Electrostatic Disposable media Disposable media Cabinet 16 gauge steel cabinet with 18 gauge steel cabinet with 16 gauge steel cabinet with 16 gauge steel cabinet with 16 gauge steel cabinet with 16 gauge steel cabinet with powder coated chemical resis- powder coated chemical resis- powder coated chemical resis- powder coated chemical resis- powder coated chemical resis- powder...

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MistBuster - 7

MistBuster® Features Air Quality Engineering, Inc. Advantage electronic collector cell Optional high-efficiency electronic collector cell Unique geometry of motorized impeller reduces energy losses The unique geometry of the motorized impeller improves aerodynamic efficiency, lowers energy losses and reduces noise. Because of its improved efficiency and performance, the impeller complies with the European Union’s stringent Energy related Products (ErP) Directive to reduce CO2 emissions by developing more efficient products. The impeller is CE compliant and carries both the ErP and CE marks....

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MistBuster - 8

MistBuster® Features Easy access to side-panel electrical Variable-speed controller saves you compartment energy and money The Air Quality Engineering, Inc. MistBuster product line features quarter-turn fasteners that cannot be overly tightened. The quickrelease fasteners facilitate fast and easy removal of the side-panel door and quick access to the electrical compartment, and reduce service and repair time. The variable-speed controller used with the MistBuster product line helps you control the airflow rate needed to maintain the right amount of negative pressure to keep contaminants...

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MistBuster - 9

MistBuster® Accessories More Options Increase your mounting and ducting options Machine shops and facilities vary in size and the space available for installing air filtration systems. To make the most efficient use of the area available in your facility or plant, Air Quality Engineering, Inc. offers a variety of mounting and ducting accessories that complement the MistBuster product line. Our lineup of MistBuster mounting options includes: Direct — unit is mounted directly on top of a machine tool, no additional ducting or accessories required Pedestal stand — unit is mounted on a floor...

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MistBuster - 10

Source Collection An electrostatic precipitation air cleaning system for the source collection and removal of mist, smoke and metal particles produced by machine tool operations. In the MistBuster family of products, the system supplies a lower spindle speed and coolant pressure (0–600 PSI). The MistBuster 500 three-stage air filtration system features Air Quality Engineering, Inc.’s patented Advantage™ electronic collector cell and a collection efficiency of up to 97.8% on all submicron particles. Airflow is variable and controllable up to 500 CFM. Easily switch between watersoluble or...

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MistBuster - 11

Source Collection Specifications continued Dimensions Inlet Opening 65 lbs. installed; 76 lbs. shipping (capable of being shipped via UPS) Machine mount stand | Pedestal stand Ceiling mount kit | Wall mount kit Plenum | Diffuser | HEPA post filter ESF post filter | Carbon module Specifications subject to change without notice Front View Front View Front View *All measurements in inches 7140 Northland Drive N. Minneapolis, MN 55428-1520, USA 763-531-9823 | 800-328-0787 info@air-quality-eng.com Bottom View Bottom View Side View Side View Bottom View Bottom View Side View Side View Distributor...

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