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How to Know if the DesignAir™ Multi-Function Electronic Air Cleaner is Right for You. You can relax knowing that the DesignAir™ Multi-Function Electronic Air Cleaner is one of the most highly efficient air cleaners on the market today— independent lab tests prove it! In fact, with its ultra high levels of efficiency, the DesignAir™ effectively eliminates pollution, smoke, particulates, pet dander and other impurities that contaminate your environment. For people with allergies, chemical sensitivities, and respiratory ailments that means clean, healthy, breathable air and minimized exposure to allergens and pollutants that can cause discomfort. Plus, with its carbon filter, the DesignAir™ absorbs gases and odors so your environment remains fresh-smelling. And, with its high capacity capabilities, three-speed air control, and portability, you can continuously freshen and clean the air in any room, from 235 to 420 cubic feet per minute. From the Experts on Air Filtration—We Guarantee It! At Air Quality Engineering, quality air filtration is all we do. We’ve combined our years of experience with our expertise in the commercial and industrial fields to develop the highest quality residential air filtration systems available on the market today. In fact, we’re so confident about the long-lasting, durability and performance of the DesignAir™ MultiFunction Electronic Air Cleaner, that we’re offering you a 30-day performance guarantee! Contact Air Quality Engineering at (800) 328-0787 or and we’ll show you how you can begin relaxing and enjoying the healthy benefits of the DesignAir™ Multi-Function Electronic Air Cleaner in your home or office today! Air Quality Engineering, founded in 1973, is proud to offer a continued, superior level of experience in manufacturing complete air filtration systems that provide the highest performance, efficiency, and capacity for the money. Our sales and engineering team’s mission is to identify the most cost-effective, high-quality solutions for our customers’ needs, whether commercial, industrial or residential.

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DesignAir™ Multi-Function Electronic Air Cleaner Features • Maintains healthy, clean air environment for those with allergies, sensitivities and respiratory ailments with proven high-efficiency electronic removal of dust, pollens, smoke and other airborne particles. (Exceeds 99.3% efficiency to the latest test standard (ASHRAE 52.2) for E­ 3 • Eliminates gases and odors with granular carbon filter and foam prefilter, which can be vacuumed and reused • Quiet low to high-speed operation with three-speed air control up to 430 cfm • Completely portable with heavy duty casters that easily roll...

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