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Product policy4 Standards and regulations8 Conditions of installation10 Mechanical design12 Electrical design18Order data22 > Mechanical design40 Electrical design41 Spare parts42 Electrical data43 Dimensions45 Forced ventilated motors51 >

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GENERAL INFORMATIONS General informations Three-Phase Motors - Technical Catalogue 2007 - Technical Catalogue 2007 [ ˫ [ > 3 2 ] [ ] [ > 3 3 ] ] > ۻ size="-4">

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ICME S.p.A. Joining Lafert Group in 1997, ICME S.p.A. boasts more than twenty years experience in theproduction of small and medium sized electric motors. Today this allows ICME to be a specialist in manufacturing customised motors at an unbeatable quality/price ratio. Production flexibility and commercial dynamism are key to its success: ICME offers a range of standard products but also acts on international markets thus develops motors designed according to the specific needs of every single customer. Lafert Group product policy In the next few pages we offer a detailed overview of our...

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Dedicated and customised executions Lafert specialises in customised solutions for non-standard motor applications. We areconsidered as a market leader in this field and have built a reputation for excellence for this core activity over the past 45 years.The range of specials includes both electrical and mechanical variants:Extended stainless steel motor shafts for the fan industryՕMotors for pumping applicationsComplete Tailor made designsՕCustomised flange and shaft for gear motorsElectrical design to meet specific duty requestsՕSpecific wound motors for worldwide electrical supplyMotor...

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Single Phase motors The range available is especially designed for superior performance and low vibration andnoise. The AMM range is ideal for low-inertia applications and the fan industry; while the AMME range meets high starting torque requirements such as mixing machines and other machinery. Brake motors Laferts brake motors (3 and single phase) are engineered to give safety, versatility and longservice life. The motorҒs mechanical design is specific for brake motors in order to avoid any risk of failure.The three brake options available can fit any application and are available both...

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Brushless Servo Motors and Drives Among the few independent manufacturers of Servo Motors in the market, Lafert cansupply a wide range of standard and tailor made products for Industrial Automation. The whole manufacturing process is integrated within Lafert manufacturing facilities, giving an excellent flexibility to specific market demands, as well as a high level of cost-efficiency.Brushless Standard MotorsՕDirect Drive MotorsLow Inertia MotorsՕCompact Motors A separate catalogue is available. High performance motors with permanent magnet rotor A differentiator with Sensorless Permanent...

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[ > I ] > STANDARDS AND REGULATIONS Canadien Standards Association - CSA ApprovalII 3D T125C General informations - Technical Catalogue 2007 size="-4">

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Title EUDIGBFEIECCENELECDIN/VDECEI/UNELBSNFCUNE Electrical General stipulations60034-1EN 60034-1DIN EN 60034-1CEI EN 60034-14999-151-200UNE EN 60034-1for electrical machines4999-6951-111Rotating electrical machines:60034-2HD 53 2DIN EN 60034-2CEI EN 60034-24999-3451-112UNE EN 60034-2 methods for determining lossesand efficiency using testsTerminal markings and60034-8HD 53 8 S4DIN VDE 0530-8CEI EN 60034-84999-351-11820113-8-96 direction of rotation of rotating electrical machines Starting performance60034-12EN 60034-12DIN EN 60034-12CEI EN 60034-124999-112UNE EN 60034-12 Standard...

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Tolerances For industrial motors to EN 60034-1, certain tolerances must be allowed on guaranteedvalues, taking into consideration the necessary tolerances for the manufacture of such motors and the materials used. The standard includes the following remarks: 2. 3. Where a tolerance is stated in only one direction, the value is not limited in the otherdirection. Attention is drawn to the different interpretation of the term guarantee. In somecountries a distinction is made between guaranteed values and typical or declared values. 1. It is not intended that guarantees necessarily have to be...

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IPDescription 0No special protection1Protection against vertically falling water drops (condensation)2Protection against dropping water when inclined by up to 153Protection against waterspray at up to 60аfrom vertical4Protection against water splashed from any direction Degrees of protection IP and two characteristic numerals. Degrees of protection for mechanical machines are designated in accordance with IEC 60034-5 by the letters Second numeral:Protection against ingress of waterFirst numeral: Protection against contactand ingress of foreign bodies IPDescription 0No special...

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IM V8 (IM 9111) IM V9 (IM 9131) without endshield and without ball bearings on drive end > without endshield and without ball bearings on drive end > IM B14 (IM 3601) Flange type C to DIN 42 948 at drive end IM B34 (IM 2101) Flange type C to DIN 42 948 at drive end IM V18 (IM 3611) > Flange type C to DIN 42 948 at drive end IM B3 (IM 1001)IM B6 (IM 1051) IM B7 (IM 1061)IM B8 (IM 1071)IM V5 (IM 1011) IM V6 (IM 1031) IM B5 (IM 3001) IM B9 (IM 9101) without endshield and without ball bearings on drive end Flange type A to DIN 42 948 at drive end IM V19 (IM 3631) Flange type C to DIN 42 948 at...

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Permissible radial forces without additional axial force (Ball bearings)Nominal life = 20.000 h (Lh10) F > R = permissible radial force in kN in loadpoint corresponding to half shaft extension > Size300015001000750min -1 min -1 min -1 min -1 kNkNkNkN 56 0.34 0.42 - -63 0.38 0.48 - - 71 0.46 0.58 0.67 0.73 80 0.59 0.83 0.86 0.94 900.67 0.94 0.97 1.071000.92 1.29 1.33 1.47 1120.93 1.30 1.34 1.48 132S 1.35 1.90 1.96 2.15 132M 1.40 1.97 2.03 2.23 Belt drive The data apply only to the normal drive end shaft extension of IM B3 motors with onespeed. Calculation of belt drive:19120 P ׷kF > R = D >...

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Cooling Surface cooling, independent of the direction of rotation.Motors type T available without internal fan, e.g. for installation in a directed air stream (outputs on request). Vibration Standard motors are designed to vibration class N (normal). Vibration class R (reduced) and vibration class S (special) are available at extra cost. The amplitude of vibration in electric motors is governed by EN 60034-14 Pole-changing motors in Dahlander connection can only be supplied in vibrationclass N. Mechanical vibration of rotating electrical machines with shaft heights 56 and larger - methods...

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