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UAT Series Pulse Tools


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UAT Series Pulse Tools - 1

Introducing AIMCO’s new generation of pulse tools featuring patented Auto Relief Technology UAT series • 30 models from 2.5 to 400 Nm. • UAT features patented Auto Relief Technology providing additional control to the application of torque during the pulsing events. • Auto Relief eliminates initial spike of torque during a cycle. Highly effective on hard joint applications. • Auto Relief ramps up pressure within the pulse unit resulting in more pulses in less time providing in a more efficient and even torque event. • Fastening accuracy and time can be improved by as much as 30% depending on application. • Auto Relief — a new leap in productivity and quality.

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UAT Series Pulse Tools - 2

UAT Series pistol Shut-Off Pistol Shut-Off Inline Shut-Off Recommended Air Pressure: 85 psi* Torque Range Nm ft-lb Air Hose Size: 1/4” ID for UAT-30 to UAT-50, 3/8” ID for UAT-60 to UAT-100, 1/2” ID for UAT-130 to UAT-200 Note Torque Ranges reflect residual B joint torque values * UAT Models containin “L” indicate models designed to run at 57 PSI air pressure Air Inlet Thread: 1/4” NPT for UAT-30 to UAT-100 3/8” NPT for UAT-130 to UAT-200 UAT Models containing “D” indicate 1/4” quick change bit holder Inline Shut-Off Model Recommended Air Pressure: 85 psi* Torque Range Nm ft-lb Air Hose...

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